Ziners of the World, Unite

This is a thread for people who love, and possibly make zines. I am a huge fan of the zine format. Post your favorite zines, shots of zines in progress, zine tools you love, etc.

I ran across this video today of someone making really professional looking zines and it’s nice to see both his process and equipment. Simple stuff, procedurally, with amazing results.


FYI. I’m working on a mini zine game. It’s a John Carter of Mars pastiche using Nate Treme’s Tunnel Goons as a base system: roll 2d6, add your bonuses, beat a difficulty number - difference is damage done or taken. Here’s a sneak peek.


@Hobbs might find this interesting

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Finished! You can get it for free or make a small donation.

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Looking good! I dabble with getting into collecting zines… Maybe I need to step it up.

I’ll bring ou some at Gary Con. LOL. Get you started.

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Don’t like Patreon? You can now get all my Plundergrounds zines in one bundle at itch.io.


I’m with Fafhrd. I should look deeper.

I’ve been gone for a while. Going to start posting to the forum again with this … I’ve been reviewing zines lately (along with some other stuff like re-reading Oe). Anyway, I REALLY like Vaults of Vaarn.


Good to see you @rayotus, hope you’re doing ok.

Zinequest is among us, again, that’s for sure.

Yeah. I think I’m backing 10 or so for physical copies. Yikes. :slight_smile:

Evlyn Moreau, who’s art I’ve been enjoying a lot, has a kickstarter going on for an old-school adventure zine :


I’ve decided to start up my podcast again and focus it on zines. I did episodes fairly consistently for several years (got up into the hundreds of episodes) and then took a break that lasted longer than I intended. This focus really gives me plenty of weekly content and I’m enthusiastic about a long term/sustainable cast. Anyway, two weeks and two episodes so far. The podcast is Plundergrounds - it’s on Spotify, iTunes, etc. Plundergrounds • A podcast on Anchor


Thanks for bringing this thread back to the top of the forums page Ray! I like zines and grabbed a couple of your zines and look forward to trying them out. I am also always on the look out for a good podcast so will give yours a listen.


It’s awful. You shouldn’t listen. :slight_smile: No mic discipline, crappy audio, just white guys rambling.