Your questions on Hexcrawls

Hey everyone, I’m running a seminar on Hexcrawls for BS’er Con, and I wanted to drop in here and see what questions people had about running a Hexcrawl.

Let me know what you’d like to see discussed, and what hurdles you’re facing that prevent you from having the most fun in this style of game. We’ll have a portion for Q&A at the end of the talk if you have further questions, or didn’t see your topic covered.

I plan to keep the talk system neutral.


I have a TON of questions. But I don’t have any of them now. Also, I don’t know if I’ll be able to view it. But I really want to know.

System neutral, I feel, is great. I feel like if you “get it” you can hammer out system detail later.


To my recent comments on Discord, I am interested in tools used to “game” the hex from the game master side. I am thinking of things like weather generators, random encounter builders, terrain generators, site builders. To provide inspiration and diversity to hexes nominally of the same biome/terrain type. So perhaps examples or sources for these tools and how to include/use in game.


Yeah, the essentials are easy to transfer across most any system, and I didn’t want to get bogged down in minutiae or exclude anyone who may not be running my system of choice.

Most of my stuff is home built, but I definitely have some tools that make it easier & more fun for a GM. Thanks for your input.

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How does prep for hex crawl differ from other adventure types?

What makes a hex crawl, a hex crawl?

What are some games that may good at facilitating a hex crawl?

I know some people are big on random tables for hex crawls, is that something I need to do in these types of games?

Where can I get maps for hex crawling?

Could I still run a published adventure but it still be a hex crawl? How?


Great questions, Sean, thanks. This gives me a lot of really great talking points.

What procedures do you use? Watch, foraging, hunting, food, light, random encounters.

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How do you run random encounters? I’m mostly interested in how you interpret results, as I find coming up with interesting situations pretty challenging.

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