YouMe Social Media Platform (No, Wait . . . )

I honestly wish this had been up and running during the great Google+ Gamer Diaspora. It really is much more like Google+. It may be a lost cause to try and recreate the gamer haven that was, but I wanted to post it in case anyone wanted to see what it looked like.

Feel free to add me.

Thanks heaps, Jared.

Now I have another platform to keep up with. I’ve already created 3 groups.

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Is there much going on on that platform? I added MeWe when the Plus-n-ning happened but never found it to be very active.

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MeWe couldn’t handle the load. Their servers were garbage.

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I don’t know man. I see the layout and it seems very G+, but how are they going to survive without ads or selling my data or charging me.

The biggest thing I’ve seen as a sticking point is a lack of report interface and the ability to kick from groups.

I also am getting likes from I think YouMe staff. All I did was upload a profile photo.


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Also, did anyone else see this?

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Don’t touch anything Google and social. Total Trainwreck. I worked there last year. They don’t get it. Never have.


Same here. Although the couple of gaming groups I started gained some traction relatively quick.

Yeah, I have a G Suite account. I have not fired up Currents.

YouMe is G+, I think it’s missing one feature I’d like that G+ used to have.

What feature is that?

Introducing Currents, the newest G Suite app

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So Google is trying to make Microsoft Teams?

THe ability to turn up or down the frequency of circles appearing in your main stream.

@Young0ne2 kind of. But that’s a whole another topic

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You don’t have to tell me. Google is a mess with anything but search, adwords, and analytics. Use anything else Google and you risk it being deprecated and phased out. I’m a bit miffed at them if you couldn’t tell.

They deserve that ire.

Remember that feeling the next time they say “try this awesome thing we have no idea that will work. Don’t worry, we’re big and you can trust us.”

At Google, “Social”’ is a dirty word

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With respect, I agree you OldSchool, but I extend that far beyond Google.

Also, I’ve given up and become a way late adapter for “social media”.


I notice that even though you informed us about this site, and Sean has a Gaming and BS group…I don’t seem to see you hmmmmmmm?

Or did I miss something?


I got a little busy once I started tweaking my Wordpress site. Sometimes I get obsessed about tangents. I know that isn’t obvious about me. :wink: