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On Discord some of us where discussing starting (started by @awoltrooper and @huscarl) a writing workshop to improve our writing or other GM related requirements. Thought I would create a forum topic as that would be possibly easier to track and pull people together.

If folks are interested we could arrange a once a month or whenever people have enough together, share the work and pick a time to meet and offer feedback, suggestions and encouragement to one another. Standard writing workshops everyone brings their stories/chapters/segments/papers/poems whatever they are working on for feedback. We could narrow this down a bit with a gaming focus (descriptions, characterization, dialog, etc) or leave it more open ended depending on preference.

Another option is if there is a particular skill folks are looking to build we could throw in a specific writing exercise for everyone to do then review that as part of the workshop.

I am happy to host on my Discord server as I am setting something similar up there or any other platform.

Also ping for @Harrigan in case you’re still interested.


I’m still having a teensy bit of trouble picturing the format this will take, or perhaps the content that will be reviewed, but I’m sure that will become clear about two minutes into the first workshop. I am all about trying to help others improve their GM / RPG writing – it’s a part of the hobby I care deeply about. I’m no maestro when it comes to putting words on the page, but I have done a lot of descriptive RPG-style writing over the years… like millions of words a lot. I’ve got some lessons learned to share if nothing else.

This is a brilliant idea. Very cool.

I have been thinking about format for this and @mgr ripped the bandaid off. :slight_smile:

I am of the mind to do something like… share a picture of a scene and all the participants take a week(ish) to draft a paragraph or two description of the scene and then share. And share some of the reasons for their choices. We could rotate who selects the picture.

Commenting should be positive with suggestions and no uber negative shit. Would participants want to meet on Discord to discuss each piece or do that part all text?

Happy Writing All

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Now this I like! Cool idea!

definitely! sounds very fun. please, count me in!

Cool, so that’s what I know as writing exercise and definitely helps structure the session and gives us a focus. Another exercise I am interested in is writing a description of a mundane object that emphasizes a mood, setting, feeling, view that is unusual. So combining unexpected moods and objects to practice for unexpected situations which I think suits gaming well… The example that’s been going around in my head for a few days now is writing up a “sinister pineapple”.

Do we want to try get a session going for end of April/early May? Have one or two exercises posted two weeks before with the goal of getting the writing submitted a couple days before the workshop so folks have some time to read?

Yes! can we get a session started for end of April/early May?

Also, I’m disappointed with your example: all pineapples are sinister. And don’t even get me going on limes.

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I think we should get something on the calendar. I just PMed @awoltrooper. I think we should get his buy in, since he was the one initially “asking” for help. :grin:

We should each find a picture of scene - even one with a “sinister pineapple” :wink: to post here and we can vote on which one to tackle first. Then either text comment or virtually meet to discuss.



Say one of us was too lazy to get the Discord link from a website. Where would this lazy bastard find such a link so that he (or she) could join.

Can’t Admit To Being Lazy

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Sean started this @Warden and the answer you seek in the first post.

DISCORD Handles - The Game Table - Gaming and BS Forums




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And does my phone want to join? Noooooope. Thanks for the link, will have to wait until I’m home and make the laptop do the work.

Fucking rassafrassing technology…


My first BS forum post - I would like to participate!

(Um, probably not my first BS forum post in general but it is my first “Gaming and BS Forum” post.)

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Welcome to the community BPK! Did you read the welcome post from Sean? Welcome to Gaming and BS Forums! - Announcements - Gaming and BS Forums. You should introduce yourself and tell us you gaming story.

To everyone else, I think we are near critical mass. I will poke @awoltrooper one more time before we set the date(s) and the exercises.


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Hey guys! Sorry for all the silence. I like all the ideas that are popping up so far, thanks for the great conversations.

I’m open to schedules that take place in the evenings, and would prefer to meet on Discord, either in a private server or elsewhere [not sure if it needs to be G&BS-related directly, but I have no preference]
I think once a month for ‘formal’ meetups would be great but the space could be open for day-to-day conversations, to be sure.

I think having a rotating set of topic starters for each meeting would be great- a picture we turn into text descriptions as one month, writing moody prose for unassuming object another, maybe character descriptions the next, things that can definitely help up stretch those muscles.

My only concern with a larger group is style choices… Understanding that we all have different goals with our words. I’m personally looking for ways to expand my Old School-style of vernacular and syntax. This may not grate well with others who may be planning with other systems in mind, so we will need to figure out how best to critique one another to enhance their writing without trying to pull them to what we ourselves prefer.

Cross that bridge when we come to it, i suppose. I tend to be a worry-wort.

I too, think we should use discord. I started but never followed through with a server called Ludi Magister Scriptorium. I think that I can repurpose it to this project. I am leery of too many participating (at first). Large writing groups can serve no one and take up valuable time. As @awoltrooper points out style can be tricky. I suggest we start small and see what each other is about and maybe come up with some themed groups if we have enough GMs interested. I also think we should keep a presence here.

How does this sound? We post the writing prompts here and set a schedule for submission. Then comment on discord either in text or meet with voice and/or vid? I think we need a clear schedule.

For example, for April submissions due 4/16, 4/17-24 read, meet the week of 4/25-4/30 if virtual or if we comment by post that last week is more open ended.


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Hi @huscarl! The welcome post from Sean links to a place to introduce yourself but I could not get that link to work and I couldn’t find a place to do that by looking through the categories for the site. If you have a working link to the place to introduce myself, let me know so I can say hello to everyone!

Yeah, I second this schedule, maybe move submissions sooner? Have them due the 14th, at the latest? A solid 2 weeks seems plenty.

Sorry @bpkurtz. Try this: Introduce Yourself! - The Game Table - Gaming and BS Forums


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