World of Darkness coming to TV, Film

Variety just announced this… I’m a lil excited. We’ll see where it gets to though…

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hmm… hopefully good news

they’d need a series or three to use even 10% of the lore that WoD has to do it justice

also hopefully they use a wide range of folks instead of the usual hollywood bunch of white guys and a token POC

but if they do it through HBO or Netflix they’ll have more creative control, both seem to throw money at anything to get it made these days :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d love to see something come of this. Plenty of source material to work with.


Unless this is given a very solid budget and such it may be too little too late - which is to say there’s already a TON of stuff out right now with the basic themes of WoD that they’ll have to compete against.

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I’d love to see them get paradox right. That could be such a powerful plot tool if done correctly. A mage casts a spell out of desperation in public and just gets shredded by reality as a consequence and than having to deal with the fallout, probably making the situation worse. That could make for a good episode.

@Fafhrd makes a good point. We’ve already seen vampires vs werewolves done to death via Underworld. This would need a really unique spin or take on the setting. Just mashing up all three won’t be enough, that would just be a cheap gimmick.

I kinda agree but I kinda disagree. I mean, yes, there are several shows and a lot of movies that fit right into the same niche. I can’t count how many times I have watched a show/movie and mused they were in the same vein as the World of Darkness, but imho, very few of those have gone as deep into the darkness as I think a good WoD show/movie could. That is, if the producers really dive deep into the lore, emotions, and involved stories the WoD can offer. Okay. maybe that isn’t a disagreement, per se. I see a lot of material out there that feels like it could have been a proverbial “spin off” without being as good as the original. Now if the original comes out swinging, damn, that would be awesome.

Now to play devil’s advocate to myself, Paradox has a shaky track record with the IP. That is the part that worries me the most. If these projects go down the same road, they might as well not do it because, like you said, it’s already out there.

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