World Forging: Session -1?

So I finally started working on the map for the Kingmaker Style P-B-P post that i started back on the 20th of October ( Check here for previous conversation)
So, in this post I am going to go over what I did for my preparation and some thoughts / observations I had while working on this project, this past Sunday.

Lets begin with what some would consider the 3rd, maybe 4th important thing involved in this project, the Planning! While at Gamehole Con I picked up a roll of hex paper that was 30"x12’ for about 5$. I had intention of starting the mapping process while at the convention because I only managed to sign up for three events, which were all morning events, but instead spent most of my weekend with Brett’s family and other BSers. Between making @Fafhrd s wife belt out her deepest witch cackle as much and often as possible, playing games with FILTHY MONKEYS!! (AJ, Illana, and anyone who walked by the booth on Friday afternoon will understand,) and kicking back with @sean , Allan Hammack, Jen Brinkman, and so many other BSer’s at the various evening socials, I didnt get anything done with the map other than some brain storming.

Next, The paper! Here it is:

Sense I didn’t think a 30" x 12’ map would be… reasonable, I started off by laying out the paper, measuring off 6’-0", and cutting the paper in half. Then, either because I’m OCD or maybe because voices in my head told to, I tried to line up the centers of the two halves to make a 60"x6’ map, which is much more reasonable!
Actually, my thought process was that i could re-use the paper for other maps in the future, and if i had a much more square map, that future use would be easier! but then I realized I needed more space…

So here’s my bedroom floor with paper!

Once I had the halves lined up, they had to overlap about 1/2 a hex in order to align properly, I got some painters tap, tapped the ends to hold the paper as tight & flat as possible, then ran a strip down the center to secure it all together. The added benefit here is that I SHOULD be able to fold it up in half, in the end, and store it safely! ( with the original map of Avalon that I have!! :sunglasses:

My next step was actually suppose to be my 4th step, not 3rd like I had thought, was to select the dice for the map creation. I am a fan of random map creation via dice dropping so I decided that going with the good ol d20 as a starting die would be the best option. (Google “dice map generator” for what i’m talking about if you dont know)
Two things came from this process:

  1. Dice, depending on their material make up, will travel farther vertically & horizontally the higher they are dropped from. I had some of my die go anywhere from 6" and up to 10+’ horizontally and/or vertically from drop point when dropped from 6’, and anywhere from 6" to 4’ horizontally and/or vertically when dropped from 2’. So I decided to go with the 2’ drop point.
  2. In an effort to not loose my precious D20’s, a barrier was needed! Here is the forge for this project, looking down from the top of my bed! (about 7’ from floor)

Step 4: Cast the dice!
Here were my selected materials

The Red & Black one in the front is my DM die!

This was the selected Crucible!

And the casting began.

The set of 28 dice were cast 6 times. Once from each corner, and twice from the center. After each casting, I recorded what the resulting roll was on the corresponding Hex, then repeated.
If any dice rolled off the map totally, they were re-rolled and recorded like the others. If the die was overlapping more than one hex, the hex with the majority of the die got the recording.

Closing Thoughts:

With the paper prep, die drop testing, bouncing ideas off of my significant other, and constantly keeping my dog distracted, the process took about 4 hours. Their are a few things that I havent totally made my up my mind on yet for this project, such as what exactly the value of the numbers rolled means, and if it matters at this stage of the project, what scale of map I really want to work with, because where a 60"x6’ map can be REALLY cool, its not really practical for a gaming table, and the full extent of the rules I want to have apply to the game portion of this project.

But I have enough resources, seeds in place, and time to make an informed decision later on.

Just in case anyone is wondering:
That was a 165 d20 rolls
Three 20’s were rolled
Eight 1’s were rolled