World Forge Session 1: Era 1

*The First Era, The Creation Era of this world begins with the largest conflict the world will ever know. The Elder beings, the Elements, collide together in a colossal conflict that stretches on endlessly. Each trying to be the dominate entity of this realm, each fighting on to its fullest, each fighting in vain. As their conflict escalates the world around them shale be shaped. *

Earth (@TrailHead4904), Fire (@joe), Water (@Jon), and Air (me, vece) will take turns making decisions as to what their element will do. Once the map has been filled, a few more turns will take place before the shifting of time and we will move on to “The 2nd Era” of the world, where the game will change ever so slightly.

@joe, you hold the 1st player title, please make your moves and we will begin.
(i will try to update the map as much as i can as we go, when more than one element occupies a Hex or when the elevation of the hex changes I will denote that somehow)


Sorry, I was on a brief vacation.

I’ll take a look and get moves in today.

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No problem.
The only rush is my excitement


Special: Eruption
Explode out from 0103 (which should hit 0203, 0204, 0205)
and 4 chosen hexes (0402, 0403, 0404, 0405)

from 0405 to 0504

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Fire Erupts forth spewing magma in it’s wake.
The molten chunks harden around the large oceans of water they land in, evaporating the oceans in the process.
@Jon it’s your turn

As it should be… water and fire duke it out and let earth pick up the pieces!

Special: Flash Flood
From 0305 to 0106

0301 to 0300
0301 to 0401
0305 to 0406
0305 to 0306
1006 to 0906

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*The Oceans stir with rage, then swell. A massive surge comes from the oceans as great waves fill and spread across molten fields *
@TrailHead4904 Your up

Okay, sorry for the delay.

move 1001 under 1002
move 1004 under 1003
move 1005 under 1006
purge 1002
purge 1003
purge 1006
raise 1204 1 level
raise 1205 1 level
raise 1206 1 level
raise 1207 1 level


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Alrighty, we’ve gone through one round of the game. Does anyone have any questions so far about how things work, or have issues with what we’ve got going on so far? I’m open to discussion

I will wait a few days to take my turn just so everyone has a chance to really look at whats going on and actually have a chance to see the changes.

The red/blue halved hexes in the lower left… why didn’t they go the dame way as the red/green ones?

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@Young0ne2, This is fun and fascinating to see evolve. I do have a few rules questions. (And I can’t wait to see what happens on your turn.) Will the rules for Air remain a mystery to the other three elements? Is that a puzzle for us to work out as this plays out? It’s okay if it is, I’m just curious. Leaving that out of the rules document sure piqued my interest.

Is there an unmarked column 1300-1307 on the far right of the map, wrapping around to the left of column 0001-0007? I.e. is there a one-column gap between Earth on the far right and Fire on the far left?

The second bullet point in Earth rules section and the third bullet point in the Water rules section imply that more than one unit of a single element can occupy the same hex. Is that correct? For example, in the same turn, could I move from both 1005 and 1006 to the same hex 0905? Do any benefits (or downsides) derive from doubling up in a hex other than those enumerated in these two rules? Does this effect the level? Could one have two units at level 1 and one unit at level 2 in the same hex? What exactly would that mean?

The hexes 0203-0205 and 0402-0405, where Fire purged Water are now shared Fire and Earth hexes based on the second bullet in the Fire move section, correct? Do I now control these Earth units? And do I understand correctly that the same transformation from Water to Earth did not happen in cells 0006, 0007, 0105, 0107 and 0207 since those pairings resulted from Water’s turn, but would happen if the same status holds at the end of Fire’s next turn?


I apologize in advance if this gets long.

@joe - The water tiles auto purge at the end of your turn, as the rules stand now.

I worded it this way because that gives everyone else a chance to react to the situation, Earth could have moved to that hex and Purged Fire, or water, out of the hex.
Also, because i didnt want to give whom ever played earth an “over powered” advantage. Originally I had it written that at the end of fire or waters turn if the two shared the same space it would auto-purge to an earth tile, and when i play tested this with some friends that mechanic became an issue. it almost became Fire & Water VS Earth. In addition, when I tried to use Air as a balancer, it only made things muddier.


  1. The rules for Air will not remain a mystery, the reason I’ve not talked much about Air is because… honestly, I have had some trouble justifying Air as a playable entity in this game.
    One thing i’ve been trying to do is keep things relatively balanced and also hit the qualities that make up each element, which is not easy. Even if i add the touch of FANTASY, theirs still a need to keeps things in perspective. And after a few drafts, I couldnt come up with a 100% fair balance for Air that i felt that caught the true characteristics of Element Air and kept things balanced. I have a few moves that I think fit Air that i will do but i will not do as many moves as you guys do. We’ll see how it goes and if changes need to be made. so theirs that…

  2. Yes, the last row, and the left side of the bored, are column 1300, and they wrap around, same with the Top and Bottom rows that are 1/2’s ( which i now see i didnt update one ), and yes, at the moment their is a column gap between fire and earth.

  3. Yes, that is correct.
    Each Hex has a scale of 0 to +/-3 ( meaning their is a scale of -3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3) The idea is that each Element is trying to be the most dominate and in doing so would rise and fall in what ever way they felt they could to overpower and undermine the other elements. So Earth might make mountains ( level 3 earth hex) to stop the swelling waters around it and to cut it off from other sources of water, their by dividing and conquering.
    Alternatively, Earth could make a huge Canyon (-3 earth Hex) to slow the advancing lava fields that keep flowing their way. Fire & Water could do this too, their advantage to doing this is that if earth tries to build on top of them, earth sinks either dissolving into mud & muck, or breaks down into more Lava.
    ( again trying to keep the real world aspects of these things in play for a more authentic “feel” ).

  4. The above is why the Purge Mechanic was added. If we believe this is a time of Elemental Chaos, the elements purging each other off a hex could be seen as them coming into conflict. They can coexist in harmony, and each element could be spread out equally in a nice peaceful blanket across the map. Or not.
    Also, having a GREAT BIG MOUNTAIN that spans the full spectrum of -3 to +3 that cant be moved or touched is unfair, not realistic, and down right broken. Water, Lave, and Air can all break down a mountain into hills,valleys, deserts, and pebbles, over time.
    So if you moved to the same spot 2 times, I would assume you were building up that spot and it would be adjusted up (or down) as indicated. Or i’d ask you if i was unsure.

  5. The Hexes that had water purged from them are controlled by Fire & Earth. The idea is that the Fire is being cooled enough that water is being evaporated and leaving behind cooled, crusty, Earth. Likewise, answering the 2nd part of that question, Yes, they are shared Water Hexes because we’ve not gotten around to Fires turn again (Explained above). This is why, if their is more Water in the Hex, the split would become Water / Earth controlled. The water cools the Fire to Earth, and theirs still enough left over to still hold control.

Does that answer your questions? :slight_smile:


Another question: (or a question, from a new source)
Water auto-moves to lower areas… does that mean that water will get a “move” to 1002, 1003, and 1006 for free? (Presumably at the end of water’s next turn?)

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That would be correct Jon.

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Are their any other questions?

If not then I will take my turn and we will continue on.

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I’m good. Thanks for answering our questions.

All good by me! Let’s see how this goes.

Oh! Our goal is to takeover the whole bloody thing, or does this go a number of rounds and it becomes your gameworld?

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As far as # of rounds, i figured we’d go until the map gets filled
Then we will jump to “era 2” which will be the same map but with smaller Hexes and after that we’ll see where we are.

As far as my game world, in some way, ‘yes’, this is the homebrew world ( a world formed by elemental’s super original right?) but i’m using you guys, and other who may join in later, as the forces of the world that shape the world up to the point in history where my world takes place.

The Hex game here though was intended to be used as an excuse to map something different than a city map. (Sorry in advance @Fafhrd) I made Brett 21 maps (B&W and Color) in about 3 months, and it really burned me out. so i wanted to do something different and this sounded fun, Plus i LOVE world building! it’s just a pain in the ass to get my group & friends to play along in activities like this.

Also-also, if you guys would like to use the maps when were done, you can. As long as you dont try to sell it to anyone we should be fine, but thats a later thing.

As soon as i get home from work tonight, i’ll take my turn and we can continue!

Thanks again for participating and playing along!


Alright, moving forward,
Great Gales topple hills of hardened magma, while cyclones dig trenches through Earth
(i’m moving 101 & 102 down a level, and moving those moved levels to 0001 & 0002)
I’m also moving 1104,1105, 1106 down a level and moving them to 1004,1005, & 1007)
@joe It’s time for some fire