World Forge Session 0: Era 2

@joe, @Jon, @TrailHead4904
After some long quarantine hours, working on a separate project for Fear The Boot, and stressing about my job, it’s done!

Thank you for entertaining my and playing along thus far! I appreciate it more than you know!
(as a side note, this idea was almost turned into a board game earlier this year.
See: )

Now we start brainstorming on what we want to do next!!


Mind if I use this for my next home campaign with my kids?

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Of course not! :slight_smile:

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Damn… I was looking forward to… wait a minute…:rofl:


(and filler characters)

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That’s pretty.

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To those who helped with the maps creations
(@joe, @Jon, and @TrailHead4904, & to our Forum host @Fafhrd and @sean) you guys can use this map how you wish, if you want a PDF of it, send me your email and i’ll sent it to you

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Now the next question is, @TrailHead4904, @joe, @Jon What do we do next?

we have a map put together that we can start doing another game with, we can try a totally different map, we can just wait a while.

With the whole Quarantine thing i know many people are in sticky situations. Also a lot of people are running and playing in games now so your free time might be gone to one of those.

I’m open to ideas. let me know

@Young0ne2 What do you have in mind for another game with this same map?

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While this was fun, I think I would like to offer up my spot to someone else who would want to play. Anyone interested?

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My idea for the next game would be the more Civilization style game.

Sorry for the delay, life keeps bugging me.

So my thought here would be to use the map we mad with the first game in a Civilization style game. Where instead of playing characters exploring hex-to-hex, players and GM would take control of a civilization and during game play would grow/expand/evolve their civilization while claiming hexes and dealing with issues that would arise from a developing species.

I’m thinking this would be a mix of the games Civilization / Spore, where in the beginning every players has a few differences between them and through hex claiming and other actions in the game the players will evolve their species and advance their people.

The world be what it is these days and everyone being concerned about stuff I understand if their is a lack of interest or if people have other things going on.

I know some people are working 40+ hours now and others are struggling to get by so it’s not like i want to start this right this minute. I’m more trying to gauge what the general interest of the G&BS forum community is. I dont want to spend hours throwing this together to have no one interested in in playing.

So thats my thoughts. What are ya’ll’s??

Sounds fun @Young0ne2, but I just don’t think I have the bandwidth to play this right now. I am lucky enough to still be employed, and busy. I can’t even get to my solo gaming at the moment.

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Yeah and your not the only one.

It’s okay. This is why I wanted to ask first.

We can wait until every things better for everyone :slight_smile:

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