Why These Knuckleheads Game

I listened to your interview with Brodeur. First, that was just a lot of fun, thanks for doing it. The thing that REALLY stuck with me was both of your continuous focus on community. I feel that has been a great contribution to many of us, and I think that has come into even sharper focus in the last, oh, I dunno, 14 or so months. Seriously, look at what you’ve built. And as far as the mentions of making a difference to people, I’m for sure one of those people. I’ve cornered you at GameHole and mentioned it, but you two are my frequent companion on my walks to and from work. You’ve helped me out after some REAL tough days.

Thank you.


Thank you @LaramieWall

Publishers, bloggers, podcasters, Youtubers, creators in general never really know the impact of their work. It’s often done in silent isolation…until someone says “hey, I consumed your work and…” It puts fuel in our tank and can be a wake up call to find out that someone is actually on the other end having a quiet appreciation for what you’ve done. For many, this comes as a bit of a surprise. Certainly the degree of this is even more surprising.

Community has always been a ‘thing’ for me personally. I’m telling you, that GenCon was very much an awakening for me. It was a “this is great, I mean really great, and I want to be around this, or part of this, beyond the one GenCon a year. How can I do that?”

Any ways, thanks for being a positive part of the hobby and this little slice of it. :slight_smile: