Which episode was it that Sean talked about how to podcast?

Hey guys,
I went and dinked around a bit on Anchor and created a podcast episode. But I was thinking I could use a review of the awesome episode where Sean talked all about the hows and whats of creating a podcast. Anyone remember what episode number that was? Maybe @sean does?

(I’ll share more broadly once I’ve got a couple more eps in the bag. But if folks want to provide feedback, would love to hear from you. Just DM me and I’ll send you the Anchor link. I messed up on the auto-distribution, so it hasn’t been syndicated yet to Spotify or Apple or the other places Anchor sends it to yet).

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Bonus BS 3&4 https://gamingandbs.com/category/bonusbs/page/5/


Ooof, that was a while ago. I’d probably have some more/better info on this. Let me know if you need anything.

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Will do. It’s a good place to start though.
I think for me, I need to just start putting out episodes, so will probably stick with Anchor for now; and may fiddle with Garageband too…

First step to podcasting, aside from name, and topic, is to actually do it. You can always change it. I would highly advise to tweaking it, even if it’s the album art, or sound quality, etc. The big problem ‘podcasters’ have is actually launching episodes of their podcast!