What's in the Box?!?

Here’s a look at the “What’s in the Box?” tier from the Avalon Kickstarter.

I shot this right after it arrived. Apologizes for the bad video, but I didn’t have anyone around to shoot for me while I opened it up.


So I’m watching this for the first time since shooting it. I sound creepy with this breathing. I don’t mean to be a creeper. Ye Gods.

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That is fantastic! So bummed I couldn’t pledge for it at the time.

I missed out on the box. Would’ve loved to get that. Disappointed at the small number available.

We totally meant to do an unboxing video. We were too excited.


I too was beaten out to support the box at this level. I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to order my hard cover copy yet. That’s on the agenda… soon.


What classic 1960’s tile you have! Thanks for the view!

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Yeah… We’re going to do a kitchen remodel next year, hoepfully.

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Creeper gotta Creep :wink:

We weren’t sure how it would all work out logistically - Next time we’ll have more goodies like this available.