Welcome to Gaming and BS Forums!

Welcome to Gaming and BS Forums! Thank you for joining us. You probably came here because you love tabletop role-playing games or you have listened to our podcast. These forums provide a place for great people to gather and talk about our shared love of a great hobby.

What are some things you can do here? One word, used often by Jean Luc Picard - Engage!

You can start by introducing yourself!

Head over to Calling BS where you can comment on episodes we’ve recorded and can leave feedback, disagree and even correct us!

Die Roll! It’s not only a segment of our show, but now you can share rpg resources, interesting rpg-related Kickstarters, and online sites that you think other gamers would appreciate!

Other areas that may be helpful:

  • Visit our FAQ
  • Understand Trust Levels: Trust builds up as you interact with other users by liking or replying to their posts and creating posts of your own.
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