Warhammer Fantasy Game Report

Thank you, everyone who responded to the Ethnically Diverse Minis thread. Big shout out to @OldSchoolDM for his comprehensive list of sources of paper minis representing some real world diversity. My wife was so happy to know strangers on the net wanted to help her see herself reflected in our game space!

She’s also addicted to Warhammer Role play now, we played every day this week. Brett just said in this week’s episode that, “A game isn’t dead if you are still playing it.” So true!

@Roger made a game report for Eye for an Eye in WFRP 1e. This is mine based on my wife and I playing our first sessions of WFRP 3e.

A Day Late and a Shilling Short

My wife controlled a 3 character party, members of a Secret Coven:
Verenia the War Dancer
Joyce the Agitator
Ralph the Wizard’s Apprentice

The party is hired to fetch some packages that were en route to Ubersreik and are running late. They come upon the coach they were looking for being attacked by beast men. A close fight ensues, during which Verenia and Joyce each catch a royal beating. They ultimately triumph, and learn important lessons about action economy and where to invest their character advances.

They fare better during the social scene, out-talking a slimy merchant and bringing the packages back to their rightful owner.

Eye for an Eye

The next job is to help a local lord investigate strangeness at his recently acquired hunting lodge. The party is ambushed by more beast men while traveling through the woods. Reckless spell casting by Ralph pays off, and this time the party absolutely routes the beastmen. Only the pleading of nearby NPCs prevents them from pursuing the retreating forces into the forest.

At the lodge, the party is turned loose to act as eyes and ears for the master of the house, Richard Ascheffenberg. Joyce goes to see the doctor to treat the concussion she received during the ambush, while Ralph peruses the library and discovers some naughty chaos books. Verenia chats up the cook and makes a date to have some wine with her after dinner.

Joyce talks to a dwarf in the infirmary who is suffering from a TBI after being mauled by beastmen. The dude talks a lot about a hammer, the “fist of my ancestors.” The doctor tells Joyce the man is raving, but she heads to the forge to look for it. Coming up empty, she takes a walk in the garden and finds a large patch of herbs that are useful in making a substance which effectively makes people less attentive and less curious.

Ralph heads to a small shrine of Sigmar on the grounds, after being grilled by a blind nun about his orthodoxy (secret covens are notoriously liberal in their religious views). He sees that the Ghal Maraz icon is in bad shape, but when he tries to make a show of piety by cleaning it off, he discovers it is a dwarven hammer covered in runes empowered against demons.

Verenia snoops around the bedrooms and discovers potions made of the herb Joyce found. There’s enough there to put everyone in the house into a coma. She also discover’s Lord Asheffenberg’s betrothed is thicc, but this isn’t immediately actionable.

Despite assurances that the venison is to die for, Ralph advises the party to order the goose at dinner, based on a note he found on the floor of the study. As everyone who had venison falls into a slumber, Joyce stays after dinner to talk politics with the doctor and librarian while Verenia and Ralph go to see what had upset the dogs earlier during the meal. Seeing nothing of interest, and not wanting to hang out with the creep who runs the kennel, Verenia heads to the kitchen to hook up with the cook.

She finds the place empty so she checks the wine cellar (the cook was a lush). Searching for “good elf wine” she sees that one shelf actually swings out from the wall, revealing a secret passage. The party checks it out and they walk in on several of the household staff, chanting in front of an evil (and Terror inducing) painting of an eye, on the verge of sacrificing a kid named Todd.

Verenia throws herself across Todd just as the mutant-butler-leader plunges his knife into the kid. Joyce uses her winning smile to stop some of the chanters for a moment while Ralph snatches the magic ritual book from the hands of a cultist. He subsequently gets dog piled by cultists, while Verenia protects the boy and Joyce holds off the cook. Ralph channels energy from his fellow coven members and releases a devastating fire bolt which fries the henchmen on top of him. Verenia beats the ass of the cult leader so thoroughly that he cries uncle.

In the brief lull they hear sounds of violence from above, in the manor. Returning upstairs with the remaining cultists in tow, they discover a larger force of beastmen had penetrated the walls and were battling the last awake members of the lodge staff. Ralph and Verenia plow through some ungors and Joyce figures out that the wargor running things wants the terror painting. In an act of formal diplomacy, she forces the cultists to give up the painting to the beastmen. Howling with glee (and not feeling this fight with the war dancer) the beastmen head into the night. Just short of medium range, Ralph takes a corruption point so he can summon a souped up flame blast and nukes the wargor. The unruly beast men fail their willpower roll and scatter. After some trial and error, the painting is destroyed by striking it with the hammer.

This was a great intro to ten game. We both picked up the game mechanics quickly and Christiana made crucial adjustments to her approach, going from a near-TPK against a gor and some ungor minions, to wading through waves of beastmen like, like a thing that wades through beastmen. This was our first time playing the game, so we learned a lot about managing table space along with the rules. I did not have ready access to the corruption rules during the session, so Ralph got away without getting a mutation for all the corruption he was taking to add more dice to his pool. We played another game and he’s on the verge of his first mutation already, so it’s cool.

I know 3e gets a lot of flak from those familiar with original editions of WFRP, but it hits a sweet spot for us between board game and mind theater that we enjoy immensely. We have our first volunteer to join the party after everyone is vaccinated, so Christiana will have to pick just one character to be at some point.

The main thing I think I need to improve is my own grip of the lore. I am familiar with the property from playing the mini war game in the 90’s/early 00’s, but I played lizardmen so I have limited knowledge on the empire deities and geography. I plan to read up so I can add some more flavor as we continue to play. For now I get a break, since my wife only ever played Dark Heresy so she really only knows a bit about Chaos but none of the other lore of the setting. Well, and orcs are the same, just riding pigs instead of trucks.

I hope this long post was enjoyable, or that you only read the “thank you” part and at least got the most important thing I wanted to communicate. Now I need to wait until another WFRP game summary gets posted so I can compare notes again.


I am one session short of a write-up of The Gathering Storm. For reasons I can’t even explain, I’ve put the session report off so long that I’m not 100% sure who did what anymore. When I get myself back on track, I’ll post the link.


Another point I realized last night when she was playing in the aftermath of Edge of Night is that I was miscalculating the challenge dice when building some of her die pools so she had some things a bit easy (#learning). It works out, since I like my combats fast, but this means the big monsters will be scarier when she heads into the Black Fire Pass.

I bought a used copy of Gathering Storm, so I’m looking forward to reading about how your crew did it.

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Very cool! The more I hear about 3rd edition the more I want to try it out. I will have to keep an eye out in the second hand game shops to see if any copies come up.

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