Wakening Lair: The Dark Forest

Wakening Lair: The Dark Forest is now live on Kickstarter!

This is an expansion/sequel to Wakening Lair. The two games can be played separately or mixed and matched as you please.

Wakening Lair is a great game from Rather Dashing Games. It is a fun, family-friendly, cooperative run through a dungeon with the goal of defeating a randomly generated boss and his minions before the boss runs you off (or just smacks you down). You have a whole mess of characters to choose from, all kinds of cool equipment to collect to customize your strategy, and uses a card draw system to ensure each time you play can be a different experience. Each boss has its own tactics and unique ways it needs to be defeated.

Best of all, this really is a game for all ages. I’ve had just as much fun playing with my kids, nieces, and nephews as I have with my buddies on board game night. It’s a great game just to have some fun and to introduce new gamers to the joys of romping through a dungeon.