Very Short Hiatus

For those that have not listened to the last episode, we’re taking a week off. Normally we record Sunday or Monday night then get the episode out in a few days. This week, Sunday the 17th, we’re not recording. We’ll be back on the mics on the 24th and hope to have the show out before American Turkey Eating Day, aka 28th.

We figured this will give some people some time to get through some older episodes and more importantly, let B go trouncing through the woods like crazy, bearded, fey.


Enjoy the time off. It’s a lot of work doing the show every week. Lets face it no matter how much you enjoy something sometimes a break is needed. Bret good luck hunting! Sean enjoy the time off! I really enjoy the show and the forms. I use both as my inspiration though the week between games. :grinning: