Vaesen: Nordic Horror Roleplay

Hi! Offering to run Vaesen: Nordic Horror Roleplaying. We’ll be playing the introductory adventure from the core rulebook. Please be gentle, first game I’ve run for people I don’t normally play with. Be using Fantasy Grounds Units as I have an account and have the books and setting with all the automations! Looking for Saturdays after 6 pm or on Sundays, from between 5 a.m. to 4 p.m. PST. Let me know if you are interested!


Depending on which Sat/Sun, I am definitely interested.

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I’d be interested too depending on which Sat or Sun. I have a one shot on the 15th so I can’t do it thag day.

So interested, I picked up the game, but will not look at the adventure. Depending on the date, either day works.

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How would Sunday, the 16th work? I adjusted the date on thee Google sheet just now.

Hoping to hear from you all!


Sunday looks good for me.

Good! We could use a couple of more people though.

can you do 9:00 am pst? this sunday?

this sunday, the 16th good? 0900 pst?

I’m interested, and Sun 5/16 at 9am PST should work for me.

Are you planning to provide pre-gens, or would we need to create characters beforehand?

That works for me.

Has there been an answer? I assume pre-gens at this point, though.

@ctakahashi Just checking if this game is still on for this Sunday. Not sure if you were able to get critical mass.

I am still in, but like you, I have heard nothing from Curtis since Tuesday. @ctakahashi is this still on? If so, @Akodoken and @ghostdm23 are you still in?

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Hi all,

Sorry for the delay. game is still on. At 9:00 PST sign in to Fantasy Grounds and search for ctakahashi. The game will be “Vaesen Gaming &BS” password if asked for is “none”. I’ve got pregens loaded for your perusal in there.



Great, thanks for confirming. See you then!

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Yep, still in and looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

Dang it saw it late! I can’t do it at that time. I’ll hope for the next one. Have fun y’all!

Sounds fun. Thanks for running this @ctakahashi !

Very fun. Thanks Curtis.