Unearthed Arcana: Folk of the Feywild First Impression

There was a new Unearthed Arcana today, with brand new player character species (well, mostly new). These include Fairies, hobgoblins (native to the feywild), Owlfolk, and Rabbitfolk.

There are some emerging trends you can see emerging in more recent design thoughts that I think are fun to examine. Take a look should you be so inclined!


Nice review. I’ll have to tell my wife about this. She’s running a whimsical fairy adventure, but in Cypher System.

Hmmm, I saw “rabbit folk” and my first thought was about Hoops, those bastards! But these rabbits sound fun, not like those giant bunny people who turn your armor to rubber. Now I want to kill Hoops. Anyone running Gamma World?

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Thanks again for your insights @JaredR. Appreciated as always. :slight_smile:

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