Twilight 2000

I’ve been hearing a bit of talk about Twilight 2000 in these here parts. I found this recent article entertaining and informative about the adaptation of the original system to YZE.


Good quick read… seems pretty accurate. I did play Twilight 2000 back in the day, but did not back it because it doesn’t seem like something my group would play… and my wife may have said no lol

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I’ve played the FL Alpha, and I loved it. Like loooooved it. And interestingly, as crunchy as the game can be with tactical battlemaps and hex movement and cover and obscurement and all that… it played beautifully in a completely theater of the mind mode.

Very, very excited for the full release. Stoked that I went all in on the KS. Would run the Alpha for BSers if they are interested.

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here. :cough: I’dplay :cough::ahem:

Roger that.

please and thank you

Please. Please. Please.