Tuesday Night GM Prep

TUESDAY NIGHT GM PREP - hey everyone, I am looking into a bunch of new systems and trying to figure out if I want to run them. I have a feeling there are GMs on this Discord that are in the same boat. I decided that a weekly meet-up where we get together and prep/play/tear apart a one-shot idea would be fun. I was thinking of running this session on Tuesday nights at 7 PM MST/8 PM CST/9 PM EST.

Here is how I imagine it going - we open the table for one GM to discuss an upcoming game, whatever system. That GM would lay out the overview of the game and some thoughts they have. The rest of the group can provide insights on how they would approach segments of the game. Some GMs may have run it in the past, so they would have insight into what has worked and what hasn’t.

I was looking to start this up on Tuesday December 21st at 7 PM MST. I don’t have a room picked, but everyone is welcome. It’s the kind of session that can probably handle more than a regular table of 5 or 6. I’ll come with a one-shot I’ve been prepping. We can look at that, unless someone else really wants to discuss their upcoming game. Let me know if you have any thoughts. I hope to see some of you on Tuesday.


Tomorrow night looks like it’s going to be busy for this community. I’m going to cancel the session tomorrow. The plan is to start next Tuesday Dec 28.