Trinity Continuum: Anima by Onyx Path Publishing on Kickstarter

The year is 2084.

In the wake of two massively destructive events, the Federated States of America committed to building a gleaming utopia with bleeding-edge technology and the sharpest minds anywhere. Named Cascade, anyone can move to this brand-new city and live under the watchful eye of the FSA. Just sign up to be a citizen and have the latest in cybertechnology implanted into your head: a brain-enhancing device known as Glass.

One of the biggest escapes is the massively popular MMO known as Terra Surge. What started off as a massive multiplayer fantasy roleplaying game has evolved into a needed social outlet, a sandbox for collaborative creativity, and an escapist fantasy to forget the troubles of the world outside. The fictional world of Synestia has millions of digital citizens known as anima. There are many who seek the simple pleasure of slaying monsters and gaining treasure, but many players also build shops, manage guilds, and live out fleshed-out lives… and all of it is streamed directly into their brains through the miracle of Glass.

In Trinity Continuum: Anima, characters try to get by while staving off attacks from enemies both physical and virtual. Anima gives players the chance to enter both the dangerous world of corporate espionage, while also delving deep into the virtual world’s mysteries. Between the two exist a myriad of deadly secrets meant to be left buried.

Trinity Continuum: Anima is a game of cyberpunk and LitRPG (short for “literary roleplaying”) adventure set in the future of the Trinity Continuum. Characters in Anima are Talents — supremely talented individuals with an innate and unconscious ability to change the world. They have come to Cascade for their own reasons but are drawn into the intrigues of both the physical and virtual worlds. Some will enter the dangerous world of corporate cloak and dagger to uncover the answers lurking in shady business deals, while others will delve deep into the virtual world’s mysteries, discovering secrets meant to be left buried. Whatever the campaign’s focus, troupes will need to work in both worlds to ensure survival. Players need strong allies for security in the real world as well as high-level animas to fight back about the forces seeking to control a world fighting to rebuild itself.