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Hi y’all,

We posted episode 8 of our podcast today, which tends to be about Traveller.




Thanks for the heads up, Bob.

I’ve listened to the first few SAFCOcast episodes and have enjoyed the topics and discussions between you and Jeff. Loved all the out-there homebrew setting examples. I am especially enjoying your Traveller content, but your content related to GURPS (which I don’t play) has also given me some food for thought. Thanks also for providing copious links in your episode notes.

Good gaming,


Thanks for the feedback, Trailhead. Gaming & BS has been a good example for us, though we have tried not to copy their format. I have been thinking that we’d play more GURPS soon, as I was planning on devoting a year of our group to Traveller, but I have been soooo sucked into Traveller.

I would very much like to hear Brett and Sean discuss GURPS, Traveller, or other space gaming on Gaming & BS. I need to go back through their archive and see if there is something I’ve not listened to.


Lord Bob, (or is that LordBob?),

I’m a big fan of Brett and Sean due to the joking banter between them, but you and Jeff have a style of your own that also appeals to me. More no-nonsense, straight talk. And again, I appreciate all the links backing up your discussions. Makes it easy to follow up on things you mention. (Similar to Die Roll here in BS land.)

Brett and Sean don’t often discuss Traveller or GURPS, but these systems do occasionally pop up in their chatter. There is an interview with Marc Miller in the feed from November 9, 2016 - Bonus BS episode 16 (after regular episode 113), but I’m guessing you’ve listened to that one. Episode 154 is Games with No Classes - I listened to it over a year ago, so I don’t remember if they brought up Traveller in this episode, but I think that’s why I picked it out of their archive to listen to. I seem to remember them discussing Traveller in the context of character generation, but can’t find which episode that would be, unless it’s the Games with No Classes one. Traveller character generation is the best!


Gaming & BS tends to make the discussion kind of universally applicable, regardless the game they are discussing, which I find very nice. It is the one podcast I listen to as soon as a new one comes out. My gold standard in gaming podcasts.


New episode:


We posted a new episode yesterday. Starting at about 1 hour 5 minutes we discuss Jeff Dee’s “the Mighty Protectors: V&V 3.0” – specifically character generation.

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