Traveller Non-Con

A weekend of online Traveller is being organized by Greg Caires and Ken Patterson, over on Facebook. Here is a link Virtual Traveller - a weekend of virus-free roleplaying .

This is a version-agnostic event.

This morning we interviewed Ken about the event. Here is the link.

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Is there a non-Facebook way to find out info and sign up?

Not really. That is where they are organizing it, though it will not be ON Facebook.

Oh well too bad. Next time maybe.

This is Greg one of the organizers. The Virtual Traveller non-con is free, so we don’t have the money to use Tabletop Events. We put a posting on Warhorn. The individual games are listed on Facebook. Do you have a suggestion for a free tool we can use?

Ultimately, the sign ups take place OFF facebook on Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, etc. FB is only for the marketing. Process improvement suggestions are welcome.

Please advise & thanks,


No worries.

Here’s the free website we used for our little con. Hosted on the free wordpress platform.