Traveller, anyone?

Any Traveller players/GMs here?

I just ran a session today of my campaign. Here is the writeup.

I would love to hear about your campaigns!

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Traveller is FOR SURE on my to do list.


I love Traveller, but I’ve never played it. I started a campaign but my ex got pissed when she had a mishap as a pirate in the first round of character creation and she brought the whole game down.

Lol! Some people just can’t handle dying in character creation. One way to handle that is to let them go until muster out or die then make that the end of the career. Some people don’t like it, but I’ve found it to be rather enjoyable. That way, the character means more to you.

We were playing Mongoose, so no dying. They even present options for being forced out of a career. You could go on as a drifter and I think one other choice.

I’ve really only ever played Traveller at Gamehole Con. My usual DM has run it quite a bit and wanted to run a session for us a while back, but things got in the way. If you like spacey stuff and not really a “tactical combat” game, you should enjoy it.

Characters are usually pretty squishy though and that’s why it’s best to have a stable of people generated before the session or the DM can keep some pregens for when/if someone dies.

Played it like 20+ years ago. From what I remember I really enjoyed the aspect of the ships. Not sure if Star Wars or other space faring adventures have the same feel (I know Starfinder didn’t meet my expectation).

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Likewise! I love the character generation system! That’s fun to play in and of itself. Someday, I’ll get past that part to the actual playing of the game. LOL

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Very nice writeup. Thanks for sharing - it’s great inspiration. Wish I had a Traveller campaign story to share back with you. Someday!


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My pal Bill Angus runs Traveller every year at Gary Con and in just two years of our going there has developed a group of return players. People are hungry to play this classic! Bill just submitted his Traveller offerings for Gary Con 2020 yesterday, BTW.

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I’ll have to look. I THINK I’m signed up at Gamehole.

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One of my current players had 2 characters die in creation. The third one failed every survival roll, so each time I had him reduce a stat by 1, due to some kind of accident or maiming! After 4 terms of getting wrecked he mustered out.

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I am trying to get an IRL Pirates of Drinax campaign going in or around Burbank, CA. If anybody is around let me know!


Welcome to the community, @agedgouda!

Thanks, glad to be here!

I need to check Pirates out. I’ve heard really good things.

It is my favorite campaign/adventure of any RPG. My only problem is that there is SO much backstory/context that is it hard to find players. I am asking players to learn a new game, with new technologies set in a complex universe. There is a steep learning curve but it pays of if the players are into it.

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Anyone tried out the T5 rules yet? I’m still slogging thru the books.

I have not even had time to start with it. It may take me a while to do that.

Anyone out there running T5? Finally getting around to ploughing through the books. But it would be way easier to see how it runs with others.

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