Traveller 5

Anyone doing Traveller 5?

No. But I’m down with other flavors of Traveller… Why T5 in particular?

Well, I backed the Kickstarter for the Big Black Books and was wondering how it played. They changed the task mechanic to a roll under system. While I own I think all the various editions of Traveller, I’ve only really played Classic and a little Mongoose.

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For my Traveler-type needs I really dig Offworlders

I liked what I read in Offworlders. I have also heard good things about:

Impulse Drive
Stars without Number
Uncharted Worlds

But I mostly like the LBBs. I liked Megatraveller the setting, the game we tried to play, but only got through ~2 sessions before that game ended. Also looking at my GURPS Traveller books - but mostly as source material at this point.

Anyway @ctakahashi makes sense about backing the KS. Wish I had more feedback for you…

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There’s really no shortage of great space games. I’m biased against class / level / hit point systems for these kinds of games, so while I have SWN and it’s indeed amazing in terms of content, it’s not a system I want to play.

Offworlders requires 5% of the mental load something like Impulse Drive or Uncharted Worlds demands. I’m lazy these days, and vastly prefer ‘moveless’ PbtA games to those which have long, detailed lists of very specific moves. I don’t enjoy looking things up or burying my nose in a sheet during play. Offworlders may not be for everyone, but it’s very easy to internalize.

That said, I also love Bulldogs for Fate, and own but have not yet really read Scum & Villainy – space scoundrels done Forged in the Dark style.

Also looking at my GURPS Traveller books - but mostly as source material at this point.

I treat my whole (huge) GURPS library that way these days. =]

'Course, there’s always, Hostile, and the Cepheus variants. High space was something else that I picked up. I like the Last Parsec and Seven Worlds SWADE settings, but not sure about it’s use for more standard scifi. Also got the Shadows Over Sol and it’s derivative Siren’s Call colonization setting. Just kind of getting tired of learning multiple rule settings. Especially when they use card mechanics. Bad enough trying to juggle multiple VTT platforms…

Yeah, it’s a surprising crowded end of the hobby – I haven’t heard of half the stuff Curtis mentions. I do love hard sci-fi settings, but when they all come with their own complex set of rules, agree, eccch. I have a pretty healthy dislike for card systems as well, I have to say. Kind of takes me out of the game or something.

I agree, not much of a fan of card systems as such. Feels out of place in a SciFi game. I understand the need to stand out, but more junk on the table is not it.



Just heard about Diaspora for Fate too. Don’t know much about it. Could be cool?

Yup. Own that one too. Again, never played. How about M-Space?

Curtis and @Harrigan we should create a rotating cycle of online games where we run a one-two-or-three shot of every SF game on Curtis’ shelf :smiley: I’m sure Sean and Brett would promote it on the show…

And M-space, not familiar. I also have Blue Planet (1e) and Mindjammer here. Mindjammer is FateCore. We played 2 sessions (session zero and 1st session), and the GM and I liked it enough, while the other players, one of whom was the GM’s wife, were not fans. So the campaign got the kibosh. But it reminds me a lot of Mega-Traveller, but if Traveller were written with a aughties sensibility of transhumanism.

Oh yeah, also have GURPS Traveller and GURPS Transhuman Space. Finally, speaking of transhumanism (but leaning towards cyberpunk - and really where’s the line there eh?) I have The Veil and The Veil: Cascade, which are both PbtA.

Well…there’s frontier space, seven worlds, last parsec, star trek, shadows over sol, siren’s call, jovian chronicles, cosmic patrol, stars without number, these stars are ours, rocket age, ringworld, star rovers, 2300 AD. I think that’s most of them.

If we have a TPK in my Classic Traveller campaign I’ll give T5 a try, heh heh. Really, I need to pull the books off my shelf and start tagging elements I want to start bringing in.

Heh on playing on playing all the games on Curtis’ shelf. And sorry to be late replying here, spaced the forums for a bit. Catching up:
Diaspora is cool, complicated, and pre-dates Fate Core… so has some ideas and mechanics that are a little off-center from where most Fate thinking is now. It’s a fun read though.

@ctakahashi wrote:

I think that’s most of them.

Oh heck no. There are just -countless- sci-fi games, especially if you include settings for generic systems like Fate, GURPS, and Savage Worlds.

Coriolis, Aliens & Asteroids, Golgotha, Heavy Gear (companion to Jovian Chronicles, and both are two of my favorite games of all time), Never Tell Me the Odds, Lady Blackbird, Lasers & Feelings, Somnium Void, Parsec, and many, so many, more – though many of these are small press stuff.

I meant that those were the ones I could think of on the shelf.

There’s Mecha, Robotech (both Savage and Palladium), Mutant Crawl Classics, Morrow Project, Never Tell Me the Odds (I Kickstarted that one, too), Nibiru, Fringeworthy, Star Ace (from Pacesetter), Colonial Troopers, Babylon 5 (Traveller variant and Standalone), GURPS Chtorr Wars, Lensman, Ogre, the Expanse, Daytrippers, Hydrohackers, Savage Flash Gordon, gads, now you’ve got me thinking what else I’ve got buried in the pile, let alone my garage!