Top 5 RPGs you want to play in 2021!

If the weather is perfectly clear, it’s not as bad. But still not reliable. Trust me, I’ve tried every which way from Sunday.

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Oof. Damned sunspots. Rough to be so isolated when the rest of the gaming community has hit virtual play so strong.

The end is -nearly- in sight!


We have a couple of members in my two groups with bandwidth issues as well. For those games, we turn off the video and just use audio plus any tools like Roll20/FGU if we need them. It’s always fun to see each other but like many, we will take what we can get right now. :slight_smile:

Hang in there!

Sadly, I haven’t played in 18 years. I have been running 5E for my extended family over the last year and really wished I had picked a different system for the new and returning players.
That said, I would like to play:

  • Dungeons and Dragons (B/X,1st,2nd, or 5th)
  • Five Torches Deep
  • Warhammer Fantasy Role Play (Any edition, except 3rd)
  • Fate Core
  • Conan 2d20

@Drugal - Once I’m moved into my new place, and get my neck/spine surgery done I’d be good to run some WFRP 1st ed for ya.


Sounds like a plan.

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Forbidden Lands
Twilight 2000
Changeling the Lost

Heavy representation from Free League.

I doubt I’ll get to play any of these except for Twilight 2000. The 5e Eberron and MH Star Wars games (GM in one, player in the other) are priorities.

Oh, and Harn! One of the guys has been talking about Harn as long as I’ve known him. We want to try it at least once!



I would like to try anything Genesys Syetem based.

World of Peril

John Carter of Mars

I don’t know is this is in the spirit of the thread, but
one of the two RPG’s I made last year.

And my Gamma World Mecha vs Kaiju mash up. I was never a big fan of either genre, but when I stuck them together ideas have been exploding in head ever since.

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  1. Aquelarre
  2. Vaesen
  3. The expanse
  4. Unknown Armies
  5. Cosmic Patrol
  6. GURPS War Against the Chtorr, Lenihan
  7. Traveller Hammer’s Slammers
  8. OZ great and terrible
  9. Bushido
  10. Dead of Night
  11. KULT
  12. Heaven and Earth
  13. CoC Masks of Nyarlathotep

13 seems like a good round number…


Oh yeah. And Fantasy Trip!

Bushido! GURPS! Fantasy Trip… Curtis getting seriously old school up in here.

Also, I never thought I’d see a BSer reference Cosmic Patrol. Props!

What can I say? I’m an old guy. I cut my teeth on AD&D 1st ed and the original Traveller black box. I’ve got a ton of games that I’ve bought and never played. Stormbringer, Ringworld, ElfQuest, Lensman and Triplanetary, also haven’t played any of my original Microgames stuff (Ogre, Olympus 1, WarpWar) , Lords of Creation, original Torg, Dark Conspiracy, FASA Star Trek, MechWarrior, and let us not forget all the independent stuff I’ve picked up over the years (Star Rovers), all the Pacesetter stuff and the 2 other versions of Chill. as well as the old James Bond rpg, Tunnels and Trolls. Thank god I never went in for the Vampire: Masquerade stuff! Oh yeah, lest we forget: Morrow Project, Fringeworthy, Stalking the Night Fantastic, I’ve got a million of 'em!

Chill & Black Box Traveller!
Loved those - for me the game of Traveller was about rolling up the characters.
I don’t know that we ever really played - but I remember rolling up lots of characters.

Chill, again we never really played but the premise was very appealing - probably why I liked the first few episodes of the series Penny Dreadful so much!

Nice collection, Curtis. Is that all from back in the day, or have your built your collection of ancient tomes over time, visiting strange curios shoppes and such…?

I need to give MechWarrior another run. I haven’t touched it since the mid-90’s.

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All mine (mostly) , what can i say? I’m old

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  • More D&D - Oe, B/X, or retro clones of same, mostly OSE and OSE AF.
  • A 2d6 system based on FF like Troika! (but in a slightly less goofy setting perhaps)
  • Into the Odd or a hack of it (not Electric Bastionland)
  • Warriors of the Red Planet (or another Barsoom-based game, maybe a re-write of my own Lords of Mars)
  • Something BRP based. It has been a while. Maybe CoC or Elfquest. Something vintage.
  • Why am I not interested in new games? The more I read of old games I realize it’s just noise and repackaging. Also, I’m just really mentally engaged with the history of the hobby these days.
  • I will almost assuredly play some Traveller. I always enjoy that, even if the system is a bit flat.
  • I’m slated to play Cyberpunk Red, but I’m only mildly enthusiastic about it. We have rotating GMs, 9-12 sessions per, four of us.
  • No more PbtA. I’m burned out on that. ESPECIALLY the process-oriented second wave stuff like Blades in the Dark and Scum and Villainy. Hoping not to have to play anything of that ilk. Would play World of Dungeons tho.

Go ahead and list them!

I can’t run any of those! You’re out of luck from me!

I would encourage everyone in this thread to check out @digitalhobbit’s post about playing with other BS’ers. Roundtable

I originally came up with this on Discord and he created a sign up sheet.

It’s a way to run and play games with other BS’ers. Some may even run a game from your top 5 games you want to play, list.