Top 5 RPGs you want to play in 2021!

Hey all,

I thought I would ask all BSers out there what they would most like to play this coming year.

Maybe we can use this as an opportunity to group up and cause some online mayhem within the BSer-sphere or even raid some online cons together this year?!

My top 5 RPGs in no, particular order.

1. DCC RPG (especially Lankhmar)
2. Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea
3. Any Basic or AD&D. (I’ve never played them.)
4. MORE STAR WARS!! ( Stares @sean )
5.2d20 Conan

*Also I’ll play anything.


I promised my wife to run two games for her, last year…
Kids on Brooms - originally I was going to run a harry potter themed bubblegumshoe but the rules for BGS were a bit hard to grasp, specifically the social combat, then Kids on Brooms came out and its a lot easier
Monster of the Week - also a promised game, want a buffy like feel
Root PbtA - Kickstarter, I like dungeonworld games and like that this is anamorphic animals
Mothership - When Sean talked about this it seemed pretty interesting
Dread - got a Jenga for Christmas as kind of an accident, they thought it was novelty yard sized when they ordered, but it was in fact slightly smaller than Jenga sized, might give Dread a go with it

Edit: didn’t do 5


Hard to pick just 5 but there is where my thoughts are at the moment. Also, in no particular order.

1. Cyberpunk Red
2. Tales From the Loop
3. Alien
4. Vampire (preferably Masquerade, but Requiem is fine too)

Thanks for this topic, Grotonomus! This is an opportunity to organize—and motivate—my personal intentions. What I report here will be less of what I want to play so much as what I intend to offer. Here goes.

Conan 2d20. I will continue to play this with my dedicated group. I intend to offer adventures of 1-3 sessions to BSers, however. I have been looking forward to a Conan 2d20 rules system for Foundry that (reportedly) waits merely on Modiphius approval. I’m even signed up to be a beta tester! But perhaps I shouldn’t wait. I should just set up my game using Simple Worldbuilding System and get to it!

Swords & Wizardry (Oe rearticulation), heavily modified, aka “Bards & Battles”. This is an OSR homebrew in every way. I love it, but whether my “home group” is going to continue into the new year is in question. @Grotonomus, if you want to play some old school, we can try it out. I think old school works best for the “long campaign,” however, so, if that’s what you’re up for…

Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea. So does this, in my opinion (it’s essentially old school), though it offers some pretty sweet adventures that can be experienced as one-shots, if we like. This is kind of my opinion on most “traditional” rpgs: they should be experienced as campaigns. AS&SH might be a more preferable rules system for us than anything more “generic,” since it offers a particular tone and experience with fairly comprehensive codified rules. I’ll just have to do my best not to run it just like Swords & Wizardry.

Alien RPG. I have a Cinematic scenario for this all set up in Foundry, ready to go. I’m just waiting to run it with my Conan group. Maybe I shouldn’t! If we organize some BSer play, I’m ready to offer this.

Against the Darkmaster. This one scratches my nostalgia for Middle-Earth Role Playing/Rolemaster. I’m trying to figure out the best way to run this with Foundry. The Rolemaster system is providing some complications, though we can run it “old school,” with minimal automation. I consider this a “traditional” game (as above), and this one seems to insist on a certain structure: I want to run it as a campaign from levels 1-10, in which players basically play through a plot like the Lord of the Rings, i.e., they must overthrow the Darkmaster!


I’m conflating “run” and “play” here, but:

  1. D&D 5e. I’ve run it, but never played it. I think it would be fun, and it’s been decades since I played D&D.

  2. Mothership. Such a cool, well-designed system.

  3. Acheron. A noir-ish, steampunk (grimpunk), alternate 1930s with mysteries, monsters and magic. Sounds really cool. Also, I joined the Kickstarter for it, so…

  4. Age of Ambition. By Tab Creations, who also did Shadows Over Sol, my current favorite horror/SF game. It’s a fantasy game, but more late Rennaissance/early industrial. With magic. Looks interesting. (Also, another Kickstarter I joined, so again…)

  5. A|State. By Contested Ground Studios. I’ve owned this for years, but have never had the right group to run it for. Tremendous city cut off from…anywhere really. If you leave and go too far you don’t come back. In the streets and back alleys you may be fighting with swords and revolvers. In the inner-city, you may be involved in cyber-espionage. Or anywhere in between.

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In no particular order…

  1. Cold Shadows
  2. Feng Shui
  3. Cyberpunk Red
  4. Alien
  5. Tales from the Loop or Kids on Bikes

This is fun to think about!

  1. Red Markets
  2. Lancer
  3. WHFP 3E (when people can sit around a table and we can use all those beautiful bits and pieces)
  4. Pip system (when is that Avalon game coming out?)
  5. Star Trek Adventures

I need more time to game!


Stars Without Number
CoC: Horror on the Orient Express
Star Wars

StarsWithout Number
Lowlife 2090
Cyberpunk Red
Good Intentions
A good post apoc game

Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea
Mork Borg
Call of Cthulhu

Scion 2ed (I’ll actually be streaming that one starting in January)
Aberrant 2ed
d6 Star Wars (never played it but picked up the 30th Anniversary reprint this year)

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  1. Fiasco 2nd Edition, if only because it would be a sign that I’m playing face to face with people again.

  2. Rebel Crown–I haven’t gotten to play enough Forged in the Dark, with only a short game of Scum and Villainy under my belt. I like the narrative of retaking a kingdom province by province.

  3. Haunted West–I want to play a weird west setting where I feel less squicky about some of the historical issues with the genre.

  4. Sentinel Comics RPG–I love supers, and I love the card game and the setting. Still digging through the rulebook.

  5. Disposable Heroes–Mainly for the same reason as Fiasco above; it looks fun, and it will be something I do to mark playing face to face again.

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  1. Cyberpunk Red
  2. Star Trek Adventures
  3. Forbidden Lands
  4. Flames of Freedom
  5. Deadlands
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In no set order:

  • Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperboria
  • Symbaroum
  • PIP system
  • Cold Shadows
  • B/X version of D&D

Symbaroum is like #6 on my list…and depending on my mood, would likely bump down one of the others.

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  • Symbaroum
  • White Lies
  • Alien
  • Mork Borg
  • Electric Bastionland
  • Index Card RPG
  • Mausritter
  • I can’t count

Games I want to run:

  • DCC (perhaps Lankhmar) and Dark Trails
  • Vaesen
  • Torchbearer 2e
  • Cortex Prime (with a homebrew setting)
  • (Possibly) Old School Essentials

Games I want to play (in addition to all of the above):

  • Savage Worlds, especially Deadlands
  • Conan 2d20 (or other 2d20 games, such as John Carter or Star Trek)
  • Forbidden Lands (possibly other Year Zero games)
  • KULT (will likely run this eventually, but it’s not on my shortlist right now)
  • All kinds of lightweight systems, such as TinyD6, Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells or Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells, Black Hack, etc.

Also, I blame @Harrigan for setting a bad precedent and exceeding the limit of 5. :smiley:


Here’s my plans for the second half of the year (in July once my wife and I return from a multi-country trip at the wrong time :flushed:). My games are planned out in slot periods so I can’t really see how I can add more games so I won’t be going up to 5.


1 - One “serious” long term campaign (lots of D&D possibilities from old school like Dark Sun and Night Below to some 5E like Out of the Abyss or Tyranny of Dragons. also considering 3rd party like City of Brass)

2 - One more gonzo DCC campaign (Chained Coffin or many short modules) or maybe Metamorphosis Alpha.

3 - A OSE or D&D 5e “campaign” for kids at the library (but that’s still a complicated thing as long as the pandemic is going on).


1 - Call of Cthulhu or Pulp Cthulhu.

2 - WHRP (Enemy within)

3 - Maybe Stormbringer :crossed_fingers:.

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What’d I do?!

Here’s a good follow up. This is what my Foundry VTT interface (via the Forge) looks like. I’ve been doing a lot of work!