To those who might be interested int Delta Green

Bundle of Holding has what you need for a great game!


Yeah. Saw that and left those windows open… I MAY be getting in on that…

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I’ve got to say the setting appeals but BRP/percentile system doesn’t float my boat.

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I may be in good shape. I like a number of percentile systems. I really like the treatment they got in the new HackMaster, where it’s increasingly harder to increase them. 1-25, 26-50, 50-75. 75-90. 91-100. We’ll see. I’m hoping it scratches the itch of something like Call of Cthulu pump intends to scratch- setting with less fragility.


Honestly Bruce, i never liked Percentile systems until i played Delta Green.
IDK what it is about the system but it has really made me check my opinion on the die system.

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