Time for a System Mulligan

What system sets on your shelf that you love but needs to be re-brought out? Maybe with a little tweaking (what would that look like?). Or is perfect and just needs to be reprinted and redistributed.
I for example need a redo of Ravenloft as a whole!
I also would love a redo of Midnight and Dark Sun. The 3rd & 4th edition of DnD are to centered around magic items and both these worlds need more balance on non magic systems.


Although it has been ages since I even cracked the book… Prime Directive.

I loved that game, creating our away teams and going through whatever the GM could come up with. I liked the Tricode system way back in the day, and… I’m going to have to revisit that game soon.

And I just restarted my online D&D game, so now I’m going to want to run both. My players will hate me.


Hmmm… that’s a good one. And distinct from the question of “what’s sitting on your shelf that you’ve never played” :grinning:

I’d have to go back to Pendragon and maybe Burning Wheel. BW is more recent, I suppose, but both are well-suited to the long campaign.

Skyrealms of Jorune
Over the Edge
Unknown Armies

I own most of the books for these, but haven’t had the chance to run them. I almost got a Jorune game going, but that’s the closest I’ve come.

I think I could use Genesys for Jorune. The others would should work fine with their own rules. Right now most of my players are new to the game…I think all but Jorune are a bit more demanding than they’d be comfortable with.

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I own Delta Green and Castles and Crusades. Would like to try both. Not going to get into the modules I’d like to break into.

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Delta Green has always been something I’m curious about. I would like to try it with the new system, but I’m also curious to see how it would look with Savage Worlds: Realms of Cthulhu system but with the Core Books Delta Green Books to guide the adventure.

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The old 7th Sea’s game is one I loved to play, but have never run. I did back the Kickstarter for second edition, but there it has sat gathering dust. Not to mention a ton of PDF’S that came with it that are gathering digital dust.


I had the old 7th Sea, but never managed to play. I also got in on the second edition and managed to get it to the table… a short campaign with my home group and a couple of con one-shots. I enjoyed it, but it didn’t have staying power for me. Maybe it’ll come back around eventually!

Game I regretfully sold/gave away - Continuum the time travel game.

On my shelf:
Blue Planet - would try to run in Traveller or Uncharted Worlds
Transhuman Space - I’d run in Fate; or PbtA
Over the Edge (I have all 3 versions). I’d run this in the most recent edition.
Burning Wheel - not sure what version I have, but I need to run it sometime. I think I may be missing a key book…
Game I want to play before I run: Apocalypse World.

Excited I got to play systems I’d never played before, while at Gamehole Con

DCC, TimeWatch, D&D5e, Fall of Delta Green.
And my players at the HackMaster game probably assumed I’d never seen that system either :wink: