Tick Tock Boom - aka The Inevitable

I want to get ahead of this because it will happen and I want to be proactive versus reactive. Hence, we have addressed it before it’s a major issue.

I like to think we have a great community filled with great members of the greater rpg community. That’s a lot of great. However, we are ALL different. We have different personal beliefs, different upbringings, values, opinions, skin color, hair, gender, etc. It should go without saying that Brett and I appreciate knowing everyone for their differences. We’ve had shows dedicated to this. It should be obvious by now that we don’t care if you’re black, white, yellow, male, female, trans, binary, etc.

It is a matter of time that something controversial will enter our domain. Examples of possible controversy may include someone with personal views that are polar opposite to others, but align perfectly fine with some. That same person may have put out a great product and has fans of their work. “So they’re a dick, it’s a free country. They can put out whatever they want!”. A person may be accused of, or committed, a crime. A person could be very proud of their position as it relates to politics or social issues, yet others may abhor the view(s). It. Is. Going. To. Happen. and people will look to us to make a decision.

That decision may be very easy, or it may be very complicated. It might not even make short-term sense. The decision we make may look hasty and without some kind of due process. Keep in mind, this is not a court of law. Nor is this what I would consider a public space. I’m a huge first amendment person, but this is the GBS COMMUNITY forum, not a public street corner. In the end, like some of our favorite rpg’s that tout rule zero, we will make the call. It will be a call that not everyone will agree with, but it’s our call to make. It will be a decision that we believe ensures the sanctity of the tribe. Will we make a mistake? Oh, for sure. But realize that we are human and can always change our minds, fix a wrong, and ultimately reverse a decision or action.

The downfall to all of this, is that we will lose acquaintances, friends and BS’ers. But we have to do this for the good of the tribe. Agree or disagree with our future actions, we will understand. In the end, we just want everyone to feel welcome to, and within, our hobby and to our little BS’er community. If we feel that’s in jeopardy…

You’ve trusted us this far, we hope you can trust us as we head off a complete shit storm.