Thoughts on D&D Products I Want To Buy

I wrote up some ideas on D&D products I would like to see.

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I’m a sucker for monster books and I love to tinker with critters to mod them up and throw same-but-different stuff at my players to help keep things fresh and fun. Of the list you have that’d be my vote :slight_smile:

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Regarding the tokens, I like the idea, but I’d rather them be like locking caps instead of flippable. lock a color on the bottom (which you could also do for status effects), then a number on the top for easy IDing at the table.

I also think the Starter/Essentials sets need two sets of dice, going forward: a set for players, and one for the DM.


Very good call, Joe! I’ve hated the fact that starter sets for every game I’ve ever seen, have only one set of dice. Seems stupid.

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And too many 6s! I get rolling stats, but come on. I never use more than one d6 as a player. And only one d10? COME ON!

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I like the status effect idea a lot, as long as I’m wishing for something that doesn’t exist. :wink:

Good call on at least having a “table” set of dice and a DM set.

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Came across this. Might be of use?

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I just ordered 40 of those tactical tokens. (all 1")

We’ll see how well they work.



Initial tests are good! They seem to stick to each other (how, I don’t know… friction?), and they work well with dry erase. I can easily see this being great for DMs who travel for cons or even homegames. I’d have PCs use minis, but make NPCs and baddies these tokens. 40 of them stacked is roughly the height of the bottom of a sandwich ziplock bag.

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Your testimony is definitely making this more tempting for me. I do wish there was a variety pack of different sizes in one set.

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I could buy any quantity from their site.

Here’s 40 of them:


I ordered these in my own selected quantity. I’m sure you could do that with the others, but damn – the price shoots up…

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Thanks for posting this. I decided to pick some up and see how well they work.

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I’m totally get these tokens.


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Mine came in today. When I get home I’m going to do some scribbling on them to see how they hold up to being erased on the fly.

Dry erase seemed fine to me. I didn’t try wet yet.