The Tomb of the Iron God (Swords & Wizardry)

The Temple of the Iron God has stood for centuries, its monks performing funeral rites for the nearby hillfolk and interring the bodies in the Iron God’s underground catacombs. But now there are rumors that the temple has been destroyed in a terrible storm. The Priesthood of Anubictos have summoned you to help them find out why.

This game is listed in the Gaming & BS Roundtable spreadsheet.

  • Concept: An old-school dungeon crawling adventure by the author of Swords & Wizardry, a retro-clone of the original D&D rules from the mid-1970s. Explore the ruins of a destroyed temple with some low-level characters, find out what happened, and bring home some treasure.
  • Aim: To have fun and complete an OSR adventure module in a couple of sessions. Pregens available.
  • Tone: Low fantasy. A bit grim. Some light humor is fine, but we’ll try to keep it mostly serious.
  • Subject Matter: To quote Harrigan’s TBH 2e pitch: “Classic OSR stuff – exploration, resource management, fighting foes, finding treasure, leveling up”

I’m looking for 3 to 5 players for 2 or 3 sessions, each about 3 hours long. I’m generally available during weekends, Monday evenings, and Thursday evenings. I’m in the US Central time zone.

We’ll use Discord for voice and (optional) video, and probably Owlbear Rodeo as our VTT.

The rule book is (legally) available as a PDF for free from several places online. That usually includes the publisher’s website, but it seems to be having technical difficulties so here’s a Google Drive link instead. Edit: The publisher’s site is back up: Swords & Wizardry: Complete Rulebook – Frog God Games


Definitely keen. And love the pitch! You used CATS!

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And I mentioned you in general game talk on Discord. We gotta roll old school someday. @Harrigan , you and me are the first to be marshaled! But I don’t know when will be a good time for us.


I could probably swing 2-3 sessions, if we can do it 8 pm CST or after …

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I can do Thursday evenings after 7 PM MST. I can do Saturday or Sunday mornings, but not until October. Then my world freezes over and I try not to venture outside.

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Alright, it looks like so far we’ve got @Harrigan, @jscifert, and @Farty. That leaves room for a couple more. (@Gabe, you’re totally welcome, but I think you said your gaming plate is full at the moment.)

It’s sounding like Thursdays starting at 8 PM Central, or possibly weekend mornings. 8:00 is a bit of a late start for me, but I can roll with it (sorry) for 2-3 sessions. What dates work for people? My schedule is fine through October I think.

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Yeah, man. I’m in the process of waiting out a regular weekly game until it sunsets. In part, I’m trying to clear up real estate to use exclusively with BSers. In the meantime, I am resolutely not committing to anything. Gotta clear the plate, gotta clear the plate. (I think I mixed metaphors: property sales and dining utensils.)

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If the schedule allows then I’m all in

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I’ll set up a Doodle poll this evening so we can figure out a schedule.

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Alright @Harrigan, @jscifert, @Farty, @Gabe, and @Luckstrider: Here’s the Doodle poll. We’re trying to find a time that will work for 2-3 biweekly sessions, so the options are all for Session 1. Session 2 will be two weeks after that, and then session 3 (if needed) will be another two weeks after that.

Also, October is shaping up to be a busy gaming month for a lot of us. Some of the options might overlap with my Goblin Squad game, or Mirko’s Warlock! game, so I may need to adjust them if those get scheduled first. Thank you ahead of time for your understanding.

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Filled out the poll, but indeed there are some overlapping dates here with a couple of other things and nothing locked in yet. Whatever lands first, I’ll update availability in the poll.


We’re still waiting for a response from @Luckstrider, but it’s looking like Thursday, 7 October is the most likely starting date, which would mean sessions on the 7th, 21st, and possibly 4 November.

Besides starting date, I’d also like to know how everyone feels about a few other choices we have (not having an opinion is fine):

  • We’ll be playing on the G&BS Discord server. Do you prefer a private video channel, or one with potential (muted) spectators?

  • Because it’s been a recent topic of discussion on Discord: Do you prefer that we use ascending or descending AC?

  • I’m happy to let everyone use real or virtual dice as they prefer for their own rolls. Do you prefer that I make combat rolls in the open (that is, virtually), or not? I don’t fudge rolls either way, but if you want to see the results, that’s okay.

Finally, and most importantly:

  • Are there any topics or situations that you would prefer be off limits, or kept “off camera”? I avoid any scenes of sexual assault, so that’s already off the table. You can message me directly with responses for this one if you’d prefer.
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I’ve got parent-teacher conferences on the 7th but feel free to “ride on”, as they say.

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Plenty of notice, so the dates are good with me.

  1. I’m good with either. I’ve played OSR, but not S&W specifically, so I’ll be a bit rough with the rules
  2. I prefer to do less math. Calculating numbers kills immersion and I don’t think it adds a lot. That said, the VTT does it all.
  3. I like rolls on the open. It’s more exciting that way.

I don’t have any triggers.

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We won’t be using a VTT for character sheets, just the map. There shouldn’t be much math for the players either way, though. Just roll a die and (maybe) add modifiers. Ascending vs descending will probably have more of an impact on me.

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I’m sorry the times didn’t work out. Maybe next time!

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  1. Both private and public are fine.
  2. DESCENDING. Less work for the players, and I’m lazy.
  3. Roll in the open! No fudging. What, do you think my characters are precious?
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It’s official: we’ll have the first session on 7 October 2021, starting at 8:00 US Central Time. Please save the date.

  • I’ll share links to Owlbear Rodeo (VTT) and a Google Slide presentation (character sheets) when we get a bit closer.
  • We’ll use a room on the G&BS Discord server for voice chat. I’ll have my camera on, but please don’t feel obligated to turn yours on unless you want to.
  • There will be pre-gens available, but if anyone wants to make a character that’s cool too. I’ll provide some guidance for that this weekend. (Just, no monks. :weary:)

If we make a character, any direction or house rules for us regarding chargen?

None yet. I’ll have to sit down tomorrow and write something up while working on pre-gens.