The Next New Marvel RPG

While I’ve been reading a lot of pessimistic forecasts of this upcoming game from people in my generation/crowd, I’m curious on others’ take of this news.


I can’t imagine there is much information out there beyond this announcement. Is the community pessimistic based on Forbeck’s previous work? I, for one, don’t know enough about him.

But the “D616 System” certainly has a funny sound to it. :grinning:

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In my circles, it’s more pining for Marvel Heroic than dumping on whatever they have planned for this one.

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To the best of my knowledge, Matt Forbeck is known for doing good work. Unless there is something I am just unaware of. I love Marvel Heroic, the line should have lasted much longer. But I am not holding that against Marvel Multiverse. I’d rather see a Marvel RPG supported than have nothing being published at all.

They say we will be getting more news about this game next week.

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Two things that really stand out to me is who this announcement is made for (younger or newer gamers) and where they plan to sell it (bookstores). Which makes total sense, especially if you look at the recent age demographic breakdown of D&D players. There’s new attention on tabletop RPGs and that means attracting fresh blood.

What’ll be interesting to see is how this is marketed to older/more experienced gamers like most of us here. Particularly because it seems like Marvel is publishing it themselves (though I do suspect a design studio of some kind is involved, contracted out to do the grunt work with Forbeck while Marvel gets all the credit). I think that may be where some of the elder-in-a-rocking-chair reaction may be coming from in my circles is that they’re not seeing themselves in this announcement. It focuses too much on telling us we can “finally” (their words) play our favourite Marvel heroes and not how they’ll do that.

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I like the 616 reference (it’s their regular/original universe for any who do not know). That sort of insider reference right in the name, “seemingly” suggest it’s for fans. Hopefully, that is for the gamer crowd too.

I am alway hopeful with each new superhero game I read that someone invents a better mouse trap. God, knows, Ive tried.

Akodoken, you mention Marvel Heroic and I am not knowledge about it. Is that their original rpg? Many people on line wax favorably about it, if I have the right game in mind.

Not that any one asked, the best superhero games I’ve come across are Worlds of Peril and Icons. I have nor played Icon, but, after some suggestion from the boards here I pushed through the rule book. I am looking forward to trying it.

Anyways, here hoping.


You mean… this is an idea for an episode covering the history of Marvel RPGs?


Marvel Heroic was done by Margaret Weis Productions back in 2012 using the Cortex System. It played very well and had very story-focused mechanics to back up gameplay. It won numerous Ennie and Origins awards. The game line did well but unfortunately, not well enough for MWP compared to the expensive license they had negotiated. They couldn’t afford to maintain the license. The whole game line last about a year or so. The whole thing was a real shame but the game, which was really good, which makes the books coveted items that are hard to purchase in the resale market.

I picked up Icons when it was on the BoH (or Humble Bundle, or maybe it was a DTRPG bundle, I can’t remember). Unfortunately, I never got around to reading it. I definitely intend to do that someday.

@Warden YES! That would make for a great episode.