The Curiousness of St Thomas Beckett's Life and Legacy

This is mostly for Worldbuilding GMs. I hope others can use this, too. After watching this, I began to wonder what made the few saints in my homebrew world saints. Does anyone else use saints? What is their claim to fame? What cultural impact have they left on the societies in your worlds?

(1) The Blood Drinking Cult of Thomas Becket | #CuratorsCorner S6 Ep6 - YouTube


I personally have not placed much emphasis on saints or great holy figures in my campaigns. The characters have definitely run into their share of pilgrims on there way to a holy shrine. I just usually stated which god it was for but never thought of exactly what was in the shrine or it’s significance for the corresponding religion. @huscarl the video was very interesting and thanks for the creative fuel. Let’s just say pilgrims are going to become exponentially more interesting in my games going forward.

Feelin Good about Holy History

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