Thanks for trying Discourse!

I’m particularly proud of this platform - so much that I briefly worked for the company that built it! :slight_smile:

I made several contributions, but the most obvious one was writing the default community guidelines:

Here’s my blog post on how I created them:
The Universal Rules of Civilized Discourse

I hope it works out great for G&BS!


Is it better on an app or a browser? Is there even an app?

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I was designed for the mobile browser from the beginning. No software needed.

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Yeah, it’s working pretty well on the iPad browser. Thanks Randy!

Thanks for the suggestion Randy! You and The Gauntlet pushed me over the edge. :slight_smile:

There is a Desktop view vs Mobile view.

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Glad it’s mobile friendly. Work firewall already locked it out as “gaming”. (Sure, you can watch ESPN online, but no GamingAndBS)

Yeah, ours let it slip for a day. Then BAM! no access allowed.

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Working well on Android as well.


Haven’t tried from work yet. I’ll let you know how up to date public sector software protocols are :slight_smile: