Tales of the Old Margreve Campaign Journal

On my blog, I’ve been tracking what I do to prep for my Tales of the Old Margreve campaign, and how the game is progressing. If you might be interested, this is the link to the most recent installment of the campaign journal.

In addition to looking at where I deviate from the written adventures, I dive into mistakes I’ve made, how the alternate rules we’ve been using work at the table, and everything else “behind the scenes” that I can think of.


The next installment is up, including how I stole from Adventures in Middle-Earth to resolve an encounter in The Honey Queen adventure.

Next entry is up on the blog, as the party tackles The Vengeful Heart adventure from the anthology.

It’s time for another update to the campaign journal. Update #8, just in time for me to run the game tomorrow night!

The next installment of my campaign journal is up, wherein we finish up the Challenge of the Fang adventure!

The next installment of the campaign journal is up, and a party member gets married!

Fish slapping!

Gainful employment!

Undead elementals!

A cute little cat!

Next installment is up!