Super Powers Companion for SWADE on PEG's Website

Pinnacle has launched their crowdfunding campaign for the Super Powers Companion for Savage Worlds Adventurer Edition (aka SWADE). This campaign is being run completely from PEG’s website. $5,000 is the funding goal. This is the first of the companion series for SWADE.

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I wonder how much risk there is in not using Kickstarter. Wondering when shops were going to stop using them.

Despite having backed A LOT of projects through the years, I have little insight into everything that happens behind the scenes during a crowdfunding project. However, I have been curious why more companies don’t go this route. Palladium Books ran their own crowdfunding project back in 2012. From the backer perspective, the project went well but the company never revisited the approach to the best of my knowledge. I have sometimes wondered at the reasons for that.

I hope this works out for Pinnacle. The first day or so of the project was bumpy from a technical point of view but they worked hard to get things back on track. The project is up to $60k or so now. Pinnacle has said their big projects will remain on Kickstarter and they wanted to try this out for others.

Word is also going around the industry Kickstarter is enforcing rules through which creators are being restricted from launching new projects until prior ones have been fulfilled. That’s probably a good thing but I am also wondering how much business will be pushed to other platforms and to experiments like this where a company crowdfunds something themselves.

Time will tell.

Hoping Pinnacle shares how it works out, or the results are comparable with those from KS. The network alone that KS brings to the table… mighty hard to beat that.


The Game Master sets a Campaign Power Level that determines how many points player characters get to buy powers, then you choose and “buy” the powers you want. Whether you want to make a character inspired by the world’s greatest detective, a man of steel, a wisecracking webslinger, or a completely original super, the super powers system is flexible, customizable, and easy to put together in minutes!