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A Game’s Culture: I was listening to another podcast (Toa Tabletop, which used to be Mud & Blood), and in several recent episodes the host and guest mentioned the culture of a certain game, and how that culture can influence experience. For example, the rules may say x, and you have the mode of your own table, but a game’s culture can still affect everything from player recruitment to expectations while gaming. I believe that Call of Cthulhu has a certain gaming culture, as does DCC, and a few others. I’m not sure all games do…I think a game might need to have a certain amount of momentum, support, and history to get there, to have a culture… Anyhow, I think it is an interesting phenomenon, and maybe worth a discussion.

I agree that games have or breed a distinct culture. I think some of these cultural habits can become ingrained in players and gamemasters for good or ill. Some people even take their gaming culture with them and try to fit it into other games irregardless of the fit.

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Square Pegs in Circular Holes?: Can any system handle any genre/story/adventure? When does a popular system like 5e become a generic system or is it just popular?

I myself have no answer here, just dropping in a smoke bomb and disappearing before the room clears out.


I like this smoke bomb! When I see 3rd party publishers crafting alternate settings/materials for popular games, some of them look great; others have me shaking my head about “the fit.” My own preferences are in play, of course…

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