Spycraft RPG

@sean i’ve heard you mention Spycraft a number of times. Have you ever done a look at it in a past episode I may not be aware of?

It was my favorite rpg to come out of the whole D20 period, and I’m always excited to hear other gamers mention it.

Hey Ahzad, I haven’t played a ton of Spycraft, but have had an appreciation for espionage games. I think I ran some Living Spycraft, a few sessions, and even ran a scenario at GaryCon one year.

So are you a big fan of the 1st or 2nd Ed?

As an aside, I redid a flgs website and for ‘payment’ they let me have access to some clearance items. I cleared out their 1st ed Spycraft products to include Archer, the latter I gave up to Noble Knight. I have to check, I may have given it all up.

I haven’t played a ton of it either unfortunately, and I think all but one of my handful of games was under 1.0. It was my favorite non D&D product to come out of the d20 days.

I like the setting of the first ed a little better with the shadowforce archer stuff, and the Dark Inheritance book.I liked the clean up of the rules with 2.0 but didn’t have an issue with the ccg setting of 2.0. I used to host a sniper league at the game store i ran when the ccg was out.

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I did play a couple games of the CCG. THat’s saying something as I don’t often get into the cardboard.

2.0 was ‘ok’. The book was way too big and the gear thing seemed a bit clunky which was to speed up the problems with the broken gear thing in v1.0. It holds a special place with me even if I didn’t play it a ton. I REALLY liked the trade dress with v1.0 and did not care for the 2.0 artwork. at. all.

Honestly, this may be the d20 game I played the most. I never really got into 3/3.5/PF, but we did play a lot of homebrewed Spycraft, as I didn’t even know they made modules. It was all mostly one shots, but we had a great time of it.

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Veronica V. Jones’s art was great in 1.0. Her cover of Dark Inheritance was one of my favorite pieces.

2.0 was definitely much more cartoon-y and the setting I didn’t find quite as interesting as the Shadowforce Archer stuff. I think I didn’t mind as much since we were playing the ccg. Oh and the size of the book was wow! It was probably my biggest RPG book until I got Ptolus.


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