Spiders in a mine

Hello - what’s the best way to deal - game mechanics and descriptively - with lots of spiders?. I’m finally DMing a game via discord of 2ed Ad&d. The party are deep in a mine and haven’t been very cautious lots of noise and lots of light. So I think they need a scare - my original plan was for a few big spiders but now I’m thinking it might be fun to have lots of little ones. I want the encounter to have the illusion of being deadly but I don’t want a TPK or to mess them up too badly - yet. So any suggestions?

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Do a combination of things!

  1. Swarms of small crawling insects can be really fun to throw at players, but could get annoying if the proper tools are not available ( idk how 2E D&D deals with swarms)

  2. It’s an old mine, PERFECT location of large ELDER spiders. Maybe have a few REALLY BIG, but really old, spiders that are looking for an easy meal. They move quick, they are hard to damage, but could be easily killed in 1-3 hits. Their Exoskeleton is hard from age, but their easily squished.

  3. Bouncing off that idea, Dead spiders. Not saying Undead Spiders, … well now I’m saying it… but maybe have their be an Old Warren for a Giant Trap door Spider in the mine. Some one follows some gold that’s strung together with some web, accidentally collapse the covering of the warren, they tumble head-over-foot and !BAM!, face to face with a huge pair of fangs coming down at them and maybe have them make a save to not get fanged. If they fail, have them get the fangs for some minor bit of damage, make the area around the puncture wounds black and dirty (i mean this spider is dead in a dirty mine) to give the illusion of infection, but is just a scratch and some dirt.

  4. Probably the biggest things to do. Sell them the illusion of the danger. Have them always seeing spiders, various sizes, Maybe spiders eating spiders, on occasion if their not watching where they’re going, one of them hears a hearty Squish & Crunch as they accidentally step on a real juicy one they didn’t see. They always feel like they;re being touched, spider silk seems to flow through the air down here. Any players with exposed hair have dozens of strands of silk tangled in with them. On occasion, PC’s can feel the gentle clawing of spider on themselves, under armor, in hair, spider webs spanning whole tunnel ways, both thick and big, and thin and small.

Channel This creepy Bastard…

    But Give them These Ones.



Your right I need to slowly ramp up the illusion - I used a few background atmospheric soundscapes when we played and it was agreed that it added to the game. So i downloaded a program that lets me play samples at the same time as playing the soundscapes via youtube onto the discord we’re using. So if i add in the kind of descriptions you mention - glittering eyes in the dark, cannibal spiders etc. - as well as a few subtle spider noises here and there - that should unnerve them and get them worked up before any confrontations

I like the idea of using elder spiders that seem tough but are really a bit feeble and there are at least one or two candidates in their party for the giant undead spider trap – I’m pretty sure anything shiny will draw them into it
No will have to die - just think they might and they get to be victorious against “disgusting” odds

Some cool ideas Cheers

CAKE SPIDERS! - at some point I’m gonna have to make that a thing in game - too many bites and you get diabetes.

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That’s fine. Neither does anyone else.

Also, given that the party I’m running for ALSO has no light or noise discipline…

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