Spell Duel in DCC

Yeah BABY!! Got a video up that explains how a Spell Duel works in DCC. Easy peasy folks.


Great job, I’ve run 100+ DCC sessions and never quite had the perfect circumstances for a spell duel in one of my own games, though I’ve come close a couple of times.


Awesome - I thought your explanation of the spell duel mechanics (which I’ve attempted to wrap my head around a couple times already) was very clear and helped demystify these for me. I really enjoyed your use of illustrations, both from the rulebook as well as the text overlays you put on the video.

Spell duel rules still feel more fiddly and crunchy than I’d ideally like, and I could see this significantly slowing down combat (especially since spellcasters already take the longest of all characters to resolve their actions due to spell tables and mercurial magic), but I’d definitely want to give it a shot when the opportunity comes up.

Some feedback on the video format:
Even though the video is about spell duels, this topic only starts in the second half of the video. The first half deals with a general introduction to DCC, followed by the general DCC spell mechanics. Both were covered really well, but the target audience is unclear to me. Active DCC players that find your video while searching for how spell duels work probably know everything in the first half and would prefer to jump right into the spell duel mechanics. And players that are curious about DCC (and would really benefit from the first half of your video) likely wouldn’t discover or click on this video, as it’s ostensibly about a very specialized topic (spell duels).

Have you considered splitting things up into two “DCC Overview” and “DCC Spell Duel” videos? That structure might work for other future topics as well, i.e. the first time you cover something that involves a new system, add a separate overview video that you can refer to at the beginning of each more specialized video.

Alternatively, what about adding something to the title or description that suggests this video includes a general overview (so new players can discover it), and in case you cover future DCC mechanics, referring to this video as a general introduction in case they’re new.

Sorry for the nitpicky comments :wink: - again, I really enjoyed this video.

Thanks for the feedback Mirko. I’m still trying to feel my way through this. You’re absolutely right in your assessment. Part of me was “well, it’s only 16 minutes. That’s short enough to put in fluff if someone knows what the game is.” But I’m not so sure about that.

I think I know what I don’t want it to be and that’s a straight review channel. There’s enough about those. Sure, I can put my own spin on it, but it isn’t really what I’m interested in doing.

The next one, I’ll see about just getting into the mechanics. With this, I may have to assume that someone is going to ‘know’ some things. So if I treat it like a reference doc only in video form, that may be what I’m truly aiming for.

I am also on the fence on how to present the material. This one was much different than the Low Fantasy Gaming Creating a Fighter video. I basically changed directions with my format. I’m ok with this.

Like podcasting, I probably won’t truly realize the best way to do this until I hit 7+ videos. Again, your feedback is great. It helps me think about this.

I also don’t want to be boring. Instructional videos are boring. I have to really prevent that coming through.

I like your theme of covering different game mechanics. So yeah, perhaps just assume that watchers already have some basic knowledge of the system involved and jump right in. IMO, no need to stretch things out, so if you only need 5-10 minutes to cover a particular topic, that seems perfectly fine to me.