Spawn of Cyclops Con Exhibit Hall

Goodman Games just revealed the exhibit hall they have been hyping for Spawn of Cyclops Con. They’re using so we’re all Zelda-like avatars running around in a Doug Kovacs painting of the exhibit hall. As you walk up to people, it automatically connects your video and audio so you can chat. Their booths have virtual tables with their goodies and swag. There is an artists alley and even an arcade where you can fire up arcade game emulators. This is so awesome!
If you’re attending and you see me (Mike H) running around, say hi! :smiley:


I saw this live streamed by Jeff Goad. Very interesting. When I first tuned in they were walking through Tomb of Horrors.

That’s pretty cool. :slight_smile: Were they using their 10-foot poles appropriately?