Skies of Glass

Assuming @LaramieWall hasent outed me to daddy @sean an and @Fafhrd and they allow me to say it here…

I have been working with Fear the Boot to get one of the host Dan Repperger’s own RPG together and out to the public, and on Tuesday (4-21-2020) They are releasing the Alpha version of the rules to their Patreon’s at the 3$ level.

I figured I would pimp it here as much as I Will and have pimped Gaming and BS stuff on their Discord.

:slight_smile: It’s been a fun experience so far and theirs more to come :slight_smile:

Also now @LaramieWall cant rat me out :stuck_out_tongue:


Crap. Missed this in this week’s die roll.


FWIW, I’m very interested. Glad Dan is finally pushing that ball over the cliff and letting it loose on the world, and glad you’re there to help. Best of luck!