Shudder Mountain DCC adventure

I have a level 1 DCC adventure that I am putting together set in the Shudder mountains setting of the Chained Coffin. Drawing inspiration from Dael Kingsmill’s recent video on witches, the Old Gods of Appalachia podcast, Clark Ashton-Smith stories and my home region. A coven of witches and conjure men is causing strange occurrences around the town of Skookum Bend just before the Autumn Equinox. What are the up to? Will you stop them? Do they need stopping?

System: DCC
Focus: Finding out what’s going on and preventing things from getting out of control (or maybe helping that along???)
Avoiding: Colonialism, witch hunts
Differences: My version of the Shudder mountains moves out of Appalachia across a continent and into the mountains of Sinixt territory or West Kootenays.

Let me know below or in the spreadsheet if you are interested. Targeting mid August to run.