Shudder Mountain DCC adventure

I have a level 1 DCC adventure that I am putting together set in the Shudder mountains setting of the Chained Coffin. Drawing inspiration from Dael Kingsmill’s recent video on witches, the Old Gods of Appalachia podcast, Clark Ashton-Smith stories and my home region. A coven of witches and conjure men is causing strange occurrences around the town of Skookum Bend just before the Autumn Equinox. What are the up to? Will you stop them? Do they need stopping?

System: DCC
Focus: Finding out what’s going on and preventing things from getting out of control (or maybe helping that along???)
Avoiding: Colonialism, witch hunts
Differences: My version of the Shudder mountains moves out of Appalachia across a continent and into the mountains of Sinixt territory or West Kootenays.

Let me know below or in the spreadsheet if you are interested. Targeting mid August to run.



@digitalhobbit @Luckstrider @Farty Are you interested in a trip into the Shudder Mountains next week (Aug 15th)? Any day work better than others? I am pretty flexible, but weeknights need to be after 5:30 PT.

I’m in. I can do Tuesday or Thursday anytime after 530 pacific. I just get into a regular Monday and Wednesday game, so my availability just dropped. I hope it works with everyone else.

I know I can’t do Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday this coming week but I need to check on the other days with The Wife and she won’t be home until tonight.

I am interested. I am available Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri after 6:00PM PST. Some Thursday’s would work with 2 weeks lead time.


The next 2-3 weeks are tricky on my end because of some work related deadlines. Please feel free to schedule something without me, and in case I’m available after all and you still have a spot, I’m happy to join. (Weeknights after 6pm PDT tend to work best.)
Otherwise, September should look better for me again.

Looks like Tuesday at 6PST might work out. If that works for you @Luckstrider I will get some pregens and a discord conversation started. If you can join in @digitalhobbit that would be great!

My sister just went into labor so all my activities this week are on notice. I can say for sure I won’t be able to make Tuesday night and I’m not sure what my upcoming weekend looks like either, unfortunately.

With now 2 maybes out of 4 and something coming up today on my end I think a game this Tuesday isn’t going to work out. Will check back in a week and see how the schedules are.
Sorry about that!

How are the next couple of weeks looking, do we want to try schedule something?

I’m free on Tuesday and Thursday nights after 7 PM MST