Show off your gaming shelves!

Here’s my main gaming shelves. it is a IKEA KALLAX and has sixteen cubbies in a 4x4 config.


Are there a lot of boo-boos at your game table?

Actually, I use those for cleaning. Classes, hands, keyboards… I can spend a bit of time painting, and sometimes, it works better to clean with.

And a 40 year old RC Cola can.


The top comes off for hidden storage.

I should place the disclaimer that it’s a 9x9 room, and my mini office/man cave. I have a lot in there, and a TON I need to clean out. I have a bunch of games in there that need to head to Noble Knight, because I need a reason to travel, and no store near me would be able to sell them off.

And I need to take stock of what RPG stuff I have, and what I want to keep. I need to do a purge.

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It’s not a large collection by any means (lost all my old books years ago) but it does seem apparent I am going to need a larger table or shelves. :+1:t2::sweat_smile:

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Here’s mine (at least what’s not in the garage in a box. A great many of these were purchased after my knee surgery (3 months off with a computer and a credit card).

And, if you’re wondering why they are stacked like that, here’s one of the other shelves in the room:

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Where are you that you can find an RC Cola?

I was at my local grocery store a week ago. I was getting some A&W Root Beer and right next to it was RC Cola. I hadn’t had an RC in probably 25-30 years. I picked up a 12 pack, threw a couple in the freezer to let them chill. Popped the top on one, and was kind of disappointed. Taste was kind of sweet like Pepsi, but a little aftertaste like Coca Cola. But not what I remembered from a long time ago.
I think it is kind of like some of our childhood gaming moments and entertainment from years ago…Nostalgia.
I found mine in Oklahoma, if that is what you meant.

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Last time I picked up a case was in the greater Chicagoland area.

We used to have it on tap in our basement when I was little. Thinking back, that explains a lot.


And the can pictured has the old school tab on it. I cannot even remember the last time I saw one of them…

These are pretty messy and screaming for some reorganization. Also missing is my new prize “Savage Worlds Essentials Box Set” … my precious.


Still cleaner than mine! :slight_smile:

At least everything is on the shelves!


The downstairs bookshelf:

The hobby room overflow (previously just miniature and terrain storage)


I use kallax myself, but for board games. My rpg books are relegated to my worst bookshelf (after board games, literature, and random stuffed creatures). I’m more of a digital guy anyways.


Ok. Here we go.

Aaaannnddd a couple of board games.


Is that a deflated football?

I love to see a shelf with a Warhammer book on it!

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Those shelves are drool-worthy. The 2 stuff especially catches my eye.