Should I Order Expedition to the Barrier Peaks?

So far, I haven’t been overly impressed with the Goodman Original Adventures Reincarnated line, and I’ve been trying to decide if I should order Expedition to the Barrier Peaks.

Into the Borderlands was underwelming to me, and I had a lot of issues with The Isle of Dread (I even did a review on it).

So what do you think, BSers?

  • I should order OAR3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
  • Don’t worry about it

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Can I see your review?

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I’ve enjoyed the additional material in the first two but I doubt I’d ever run the 5E conversions as written so I’m in a similar quandary. Ultimately I’ll probably pick a copy up eventually. They’re great ‘coffee table’ books even though I don’t own a coffee table they look good on the shelf.


I ordered it, but haven’t received it yet. It’s definitely in my top 3 AD&D modules, along with White Plume and Tamoachan.

My reason for voting yes is purely selfish, as I want to read your review.


I’m going to get it - BUT - I’m a collector, and I like to see the conversions.
I liked the added tower in Borderlands, and while I played Isle fo dread, I never owned the original.

I LOVED Barrier peaks back in the day, and I’m looking forward to running it again.


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I decided to put in the pre-order, so hopefully as I get some time near the holidays, I’ll have a chance to do a review of this volume.

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Well, it has arrived.

I was a little less than thrilled that I saw this at one of the FLGS the weekend before last, but apparently they broke the street date by a few days and put it out.

I don’t know when I’ll have time to actually read it through, but just paging through it, the production values have gone up between the last two versions and this one (although the reprint of Isle of Dread I saw at the FLGS looked like it got the upgraded treatment as well).

Also . . .

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Pardon my vanity @JaredR but is there a list of playtesters in this?

Why yes, there is. It looks like there is a familiar name right there as the second person mentioned. :wink:

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It was a seriously fun game, apart from that time I rolled so badly Mr Curtis said “Do you want to burn a point of luck? Oh, sorry wrong system!”

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I didn’t catch that until it arrived today, that Micheal Curtis was one of the 5e adapters this time, instead of Chris Doyle. I’m interested to see if Curtis’ sensibilities come through more in the 5e section.

Looking forward to your review!

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My friend’s 14 yo son wants to run a game that features 24 flumphs. But not until he actually has that many Flumph minis.

I have had the module now for a couple of weeks. Read through some of it, but not cover to cover yet.

Need to figure out a way to print all the Images to hand out at table. Apparently Goodman Games didn’t get the digital rights for the art, so no pdfs.

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Apparently the moratorium on current edition PDFs extends to 3rd party official adaptions as well, which is a shame.

Yeah, that’s disappointing. It’s not like these tomes are very table friendly!

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Also, I like have both PDF and print for everything I can.

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It drives me nuts that WoTC use the excuse ‘but Piracy!’ for not releasing PDFs of their products.

I’m not condoning piracy but not releasing PDFs hasn’t stopped pirated PDFs existing of all their products. Just sayin’…


To be clear to everyone - WoTC does make digital versions of their books available through D&D Beyond. They are searchable, printable, and readable on any device with a browser or the app.

Many of us find that format sufficient, if not superior, to PDF management.

Piracy is still piracy and unpreventable.

But piracy is not required for digital access to WotC content.

Unfortunately Goodman Games’ Original Adventures Reincarnated aren’t available through Beyond or in any digital format, which is a shame.

It’s probably a topic for a separate thread but I’m curious to know how you feel Beyond is superior to PDF.

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