Share Your Gary Con Offerings

Going to Gary Con XII? What events are you running – or thinking about running?

Here are mine (at present):

Suffer Not a Witch: Black powder vs. black magic in the mid-late 1600s using Troika! – a 2d6 core mechanic based on Fighting Fantasy. You are part of the Jolly Riders, named after your founder – not your disposition, and it’s your job to root out the evils in each town you ride through, keeping colonies safe from the spread of old world evil and the dangers of new world oddities.

Lords of Mars: High adventure on old Mars using an original light d6 rpg and miniature rules set. Scenario combines intrigue, role-playing, and big, fast battles - both on land and in the air. No need to know the rules or anything about Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars.


Great idea idea for a thread. I was just sharing today that I feel like five games is too many but 1) I’m a sucker for that sweet GM T-shirt and 2) I couldn’t decide which game to drop so I’m running five again.

Pretty much all of these DCC RPG or related. Two of these will be pretty much ‘untested’ but I’ve always had fun testing new ideas on the GC crowd!

Acting Up In Lankhmar
An awesome Michael Curtis’ DCC Lankhmar adventure. I’ve run this a few times this year so it’ll be my ‘confidence builder’ to help get in the groove on Thursday morning!

The Lady Of The Dayn Hills
My own DCC RPG funnel with characters/ideas from English folklore. I’ve playtested this a fair bit, so this will be in it’s final form and maybe even (self) published by March!

Dark Trails: A Westward Journey.
My Dark Trails funnel. This will be the first run out in it’s current form.

Calidar: The Cantakerous Cargo Conundrum
An adventure of my own set in Bruce Heard’s fantasy settting of Skyships and powerful magic. (Yes I’m using DCC for this too!)

WW2:Operation Whitebox: Those Negative Waves
Ever wondered what happened to Kelly, Oddball and the gang AFTER they got the gold at the end of Kelly’s Heroes?


Probably bringing Delving Deeper and a “challenge dungeon” to play after hours.


Agreed… good call on the thread @rayotus! I too have upped my offerings to 5 sessions @Bruce_C, for better or for worse. More running than playing this time, but there’s just too much good stuff to run!

My lineup:

The Forgotten Temple: A Dungeon World romp through a temple that’s been purposefully forgotten. Wouldn’t you know that there’s something down there you need, though?

The Escape: More Dungeon World! A riff on the dungeon starter of the same name by Marshall Miller. Step 1: Jailbreak. Step 2: Undead. Step 3: ???

Back to the Light: Savage Worlds in a fantasy setting. It was for a good cause, but you just started the collapse of a dwarven society. While you were in the middle of it. Good luck getting back out with what you came for. Oh, and orcs.

A Darkness in the Marshes: An adventure by Cubicle 7 for Adventures in Middle-Earth (5e) modified for con play. Investigate a growing darkness west of the great river. I’m sure nothing will go wrong.

The Crossings of Celdiun: An adventure by Cubicle 7 for Adventures in Middle-Earth (5e) modified for con play. Fortify a crossing of the River Running against the Enemy to see if you can hold out until help arrives.


This will be my first Gary Con. I’m just going to play, not run anything. I’ve heard it can be pretty difficult to get into games for silver badge holders. Is that the case? Is it any harder than getting into games at Gamehole?

@Bruce_C I’d love to play in your DCC games, especially Lankhmar. I read a big chunk of the Fafhrd and Gray Mouser stories in the summer and fall. I also backed the KS but haven’t had time to really dig into the material.


Looking forward to rolling dice with you @NOLAbert . I can usually squeeze an extra player or two in my games but do try and get a ticket for ‘Acting Up’, it works best with a relatively small party.

I got a a little carried away and took nine players in my Dark Trails funnel last year and whilst it was fun in a chaotic way I won’t be doing that again!

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There are certainly some high demand games/GMs that are hard to catch, but I’ve never had a problem filling my schedule with great games on a silver badge. I usually end up scheduling too much for my own good.


It’ll be interesting to see if it’s any easier to get a spot in some of those high demand games now they’ve change how the places are allocated.


@Bruce_C @NOLAbert … Yeah. In the past it has not been hard to find and play in old school games. Hopefully the growth of the con’s attendance and the new system won’t impact that. FWIW, after-hours gaming is pretty strong if you like to stay up late.


Now that schedules are up and registration is drawing near, any other BSers want to share your offerings?

I need to start building a schedule… what goodness are you serving?

EDIT: I’ve dropped my Calidar game in favour of running my Dark Trails game over two sessions (a funnel and some level 1 shenanigans) I don’t know if there will be any interest from folk to play in both but it’s not terribly important.


Hi Bruce, I’m hoping I get into both your Dark Trails games. Feb. 22 is the key! Either way, see you at Gary Con!

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Looking forward to it!

Cory Welch is running a couple games under Gaming and BS banner. Check 'em out!

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I hope this thing keeps rolling. Great that people are getting this rolling on short notice!


I’m running Dyson’s Delve (with a couple changes) using Old-School Essentials (with almost no changes) on Thursday.

The Lost Tomb of St. Hubbins
Festival season is fast approaching, and the High Cleric of Nottesbridge is in need of some quality footwear. He has tasked you with recovering an important relic: The Golden Espidrilles of St. Hubbins, which are believed to have been buried with the saint’s mortal remains somewhere beneath a nearby ruined temple, in a complex of crypts and caves that the locals call Dyson’s Delve.

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So, who all’s making the trip to Lake Geneva this year? I’m starting to gather my things up in anticipation of my favourite gaming convention.

It will be great to see everyone again after three years.

My Lineup:


Here’s mine, got in some Traveller, DCC, MCC, Hyperborea, S&W, and one 5e game.

My pal Aonghais is running those Traveller games. :slight_smile: