Shadowrun 5E

It’s probably a long shot, but…

I have 8 of the Limited Edition red leatherette Shadowrun 5E expansion books that I really don’t need.

I also have the LE Core Book, but it is too abused for me to sell it with a good conscience.

All eight are Near Mint if not new quality with maybe 5 of them with my name on the inside cover. Slight corner dings may be present.

I was thinking maybe $200 for all of them?

I can post pics if anyone is interested.

Books include:

Run Faster
Run & Gun
Chrome Flesh
Data Trails
Rigger 5.0
Street Grimoire
Forbidden Arcana
Howling Shadows

I am in Grand Junction, Colorado. Which is pretty much in Utah… So unless by some miracle you are near me these will likely be shipped and shipping costs will have to be taken on by the purchaser.

@Aaron just tagging to ensure you saw this.