Series Games

I had an interested in running a couple of series of games to try the idea of running the same scenario in different systems and compare the experiences. This idea has been knocking around my head for a few weeks now and I am scheduling out some of the games to kick it off.

Series 1 Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Successors

There are a number of systems inspired by different WFRP editions. I want to try a few of them out with a scenario written for WFRP. So after my WFRP game I will post one or more of the successors to try the same scenario out in. The systems I am planning so far:

  1. Warlock
  2. Sledge/Bright Hammer
  3. Other?

Series 2 Fantastic Mars

I plan on running the same scenario in different versions (and systems) of fantastic Mars with each game influencing characters and events of the prior game and system. The basic scenario is the premise of my posted zine game “Knights of the House of Mars” were characters escort a seer across Mars. So far I am thinking of running the scenarios in order:

  1. Knights of the House of Mars (It’s own system)
  2. Barsoom (Barsoom Modiphius 2D20)
  3. Barsoom (Lords of Mars)
  4. Warhammer 40,000 (Fantasy Flight D100 system using a mix of Rogue Trader/Dark Heresy)

Let me know if you are interested and watch for individual games to appear on the spreadsheet. No need to sign up for all of the games, feel free to drop in on the systems or settings that interest you the most! I will try to stick to running in the order planned though so it may take a while before I post a given scenario.