Seminars or talks

Anyone doing anything like this. I’d like to do something GM related, adventure or encounter building probably.

Hi Jerry, welcome to the forums.

There’s a couple of seminars on the schedule so far:

If you want to submit an event, there’s still plenty of room.



Sweet, have to check those out too.

Hello @Jerry247 glad you’re here. Seminars and talks are welcome, for sure.


If it’s cleared with each presenter, can these be recorded? I’m interested, but not sure I can attend.

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I was planning on recording mine. I need to sign my ass up!


Of course. I’d be happy to put them on our youtube or point to the speaker’s source if they want to host it somewhere.

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For anyone joined my talk on Hex Flowers - I got around to bringing together my ‘Attack on the Death Star’ Hex Flower (posting while the forum is still running)

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