Selling/trading some games (Only one item left)

Hello everyone!

I’m getting rid of some games and thought I’d try here first before anywhere else. I’m selling but willing to trade as well if needed. All games are in excellent condition and can provide pictures through PM if somebody wants them. Prices include shipping (i.e. I’ll pay shipping). As for trade, I’m looking for anything YZE books for now (can be discussed through PM). I also have board games, if anybody is interested just PM me.

Amazing Tales ($18)
Agents of Concordia ($30)
Karthum: Lands of Conflict ($20)
Nibiru ($20)
The Game Master’s Book of Random Encounters ($18)
Tiny Supers ($20)
Tiny Frontiers ($15)
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2e ($25)
Abracadabra: A Guide to Becoming a Magical Gamemaster ($35)

Feel free to ask any questions.

German (GhostDM#0985 in Discord if it’s easier)

Agents of Concordia looked cool. I have refrained from buying it because, I’m not trying to be Noble Knight.

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Everything sold except the following:

The Game Master’s Book of Random Encounters ($18)

Yeah, I know. Agents of Concordia’s premise is pretty interesting. Layout is good, and art is pretty great! The only thing is the rules are a little flat. Mechanics are fine, but in some parts they make mention of certain mechanics that are not explained anywhere in the book.

I do have to say that page texture, font and layout reminds a lot of Vaesen, so all in all it’s a pretty book. It’s like I say, “I pick a book up because of the art, buy it because of the rules and keep it for the setting.” It needs to have all three or I won’t keep it.

I might grab that. US shipping?

Yeah, but I’ll pay for it. Don’t worry! Just DM where to :blush:

Are Karthun and The Game Master’s Book of Random Encounters still available?

If @LaramieWall is interested in the Book of Random Encounters, he still has dibs on it. If he’s not, it’s yours. Karthun has been sold unfortunately. Thank you for your interest though!

Sounds good!

Xer0Rules, go for it. No worries.

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